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SAMHAIN- Ceremonial~Dancing~Concert with Fralalai

Tuesday 31 October 2023 van 20:00 tot 22:30

Natural High Yoga, De Wittenstraat 100, 1052 BA Amsterdam, Netherlands

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DOOR OPEN: 19.30 (have thea of you like:))
START: 20.00
DRESS CODE: White (whitish) colors

We gather for a special Ceremonial Dancing Concert on this meaningful date, to celebrate "Samhain" (Halloween): an ancient Celtic festivity which honors our connection to the Otherworld.
In this day it is believed that the veil between this dimension and the world of the Ancesters is thinner and the two are communing together.

Nature is slowly "dying", the days get darker: It's a time of mystery, of stepping into the mists of the unknown
We gather to re-connect with this time in the year's cycle, feeling, celebrating and embracing the mystery of life and death, honoring the otherworld, remembering those who passed, and celebrating the light and abyss of our own depth.

Musician, harpist and singer Fralalai will share her musical gifts, guiding you through a Journey of inner travel, enchanted realms and ancestral remembrance. She will open and close with a Ceremonial circle.
In this journey you are invited to move on her music, embodying the different angelic, deep and earthy dimensions that her Music expresses.

Through her Harps, Vocals and through the beat of her Drum she will create an immersive heart-warming journey of remembrance, to celebrate together the elemental dance of the eternal flow of life.

Over de organisatie

“We are portals of remembrance, lights of ancestral enchantment.”

Fralalai is a Harpist, Singer and Artist offering her enchanted musical gifts for Concerts, Festivals, Ceremonies and conscious gatherings.


Elly Bakker

SAMHAIN- Ceremonial~Dancing~Concert with Fralalai

Het was een prachtige avond. Heel erg genoten van de muziek, de rituelen en het dansen! Heel veel dank!

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SAMHAIN- Ceremonial~Dancing~Concert with Fralalai

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