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Singing Circle at Avalon Community! (Previously Beach Singing Circle)

Thursday 12 October 2023 van 18:30 tot 21:30

Avalon Retreat Center, Veenakkerweg 5, 2635 NC Den Hoorn, Nederland

Over dit evenement

We gathered in great numbers at the end of August to unite and connect through singing together!
Despite the bad weather forecast (which was not the case after all) about 150 people came!
Video impression: https://youtu.be/PM_0WKEtciY?si=Hlm0909LdHmQbKhF

UPDATE: Due to a fire ban of local police we had to find a new location... Luckily we found one: Avalon Community

The singing circle is still on a donation basis, although we do have some expenses now. Please note that the venue can host a maximum of 60 people instead of a minimum of 80 people ;)

The address of Avalon is:
Veenakkerweg 5, 2635NC Den Hoorn

Locally, there is space for 20 cars. When you arrive, you will see a yellow gate that you can go through. See more parking information below in the email.

We are very excited, probably the last larger singing circle we will organize this year. The schedule is now as follows:
6:30 PM - Walk-in
7:00 PM - Gather in a Circle
7:30 PM - Singing!
9:30 PM - End(Joy)

In terms of supplies, it would be nice if you could bring your own water bottle; there is tea available. You can also bring something to sit on.

Lots of love, and see you on Thursday!

Barry on behalf of To Gather & Regenerate

PS: Parking Info
There are spots on Lotsweg, a 5-10 minute walk away, at the corner with Veenakkerweg. Additionally, parking is very easy at the corner near the De Bonte Haas café, where there is a large parking area marked by a blue sign with a white 'P', the P Zwetzone. Please pay attention to the following: do NOT park at the neighbors' places. Also, do not park in the small street between number 5 and 7 (dead-end street). This road must remain clear for emergencies, such as the fire brigade or ambulance.

Right across from the yellow gate when you enter, you will see a white door. If you go through that door and then turn left, you will enter the room we call the Sequoia. You are very welcome!"

Thursday 12 October 2023 van 18:30 tot 21:30

Avalon Retreat Center, Veenakkerweg 5, 2635 NC Den Hoorn, Nederland

Over de organisatie

“Events that REGENERATE the soul”

REGENERΔTE organizes concious events to regenerate the body mind and soul


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Figo is een fijne instructeur met veel kennis en enthousiasme, heel veel ervaring met Qi Gong dat merk je aan alles. Goed geregeld was een mooie avond. Mvgr Hans Lepelaar

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REGENERΔTE - Monthly Singing Circle November

Wat een fijne, veilige, warme setting is er neergezet. Met als afsluiting een semi-spontane sharing, waar gedeeld werd over hoop, liefde en verbroedering. Dankjewel!

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Singing Circle at Avalon Community! (Previously Beach Singing Circle)

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