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Cacao Ceremony & Sound Healing Journey by Kailash Kokopelli & Friends

Saturday 23 September 2023 van 17:00 tot 20:00

Bergerweg 23, 6085 AS Horn, Nederland

Over dit evenement

Welcome, dear Sound Journey friends, to join us for a 7 Sacred Directions CACAO CEREMONY & SOUND HEALING JOURNEY by KAILASH KOKOPELLI and friends. Experience the medicine of healing sound and ceremonial cacao during a 3 hr sound medicine transmission initiating self-healing processes.

‘The invitation for this Cacao Ceremony and Sound Healing experience is to utilize medicine music for our hearts to be uplifted and journey deep to source within. Sound born from silence bringing us home to silence again is a wonderful bridge to merge with true being and commune with the field of pure consciousness.

When we tap into our natural essence, divine intelligence allows self–healing and rejuvenation. Inner guidance can unfold with more clarity and recalibration to our original purpose. Through the power of prayer, positive affirmation and invocation of the Seven Sacred Directions embraced by healing sounds and Kailash Kokopelli medicine music, this unique performance becomes a mile stone of inner strength – an anchor and compass to navigate through the chaos of global changes with firmness and inner peace.

This will be my final sound healing concert this year in Europe and I am looking forward to co–create an energy field of empowerment and deep healing with all of you.’ - Kailash Kokopelli

The opening of the sound medicine ceremony will be initiated through an invocation of the 7 directions. We will offer Cacao to the East, the place of the rising sun to call upon the light of new beginnings and spring, and to the South the place of summer where the sun shines from the highest point to call upon the light of life and illuminate our heart through love and gratitude for life. To the West the place of autumn and the setting sun we tune in to come in tune with the inner light and to the North the place of the night and winter where we remember our ancestors and invite the wisdom and guidance from our great grandmothers and grandfathers.

We offer then the elixir to Mother Earth below and give thanks for all of our relations in all kingdoms, mineral, plant, mycelium, animal and human within earth, water, fire, air and ether and all forces who make life possible for us. Raising our cacao elixir to the sky we draw in the light of the divine consciousness to fill our cups and the 7th direction is our heart carrying our intention and prayers for healing, good health, prosperity, protection, guidance and love.

After drinking the charged cacao we weave heart-songs of medicine music supporting the spoken intentions and wishes of everyone present.

The 3rd part is a Sound healing meditation on soundscapes of the native American flute, didgeridoo, percussion and medicine drums, crystal singing bowls and overtone chanting into a place of deep being coming home to our true nature and source within where self healing processes are being initiated.

The group Sound Medicine treatment by Kailash Kokopelli aims to cleanse the chakra’s and auric field from negative attachments, entities, crystallizations in the physical, emotional, mental and astral bodies and energy centers. It is a form of sound surgery where unhealthy accumulation and toxins can be cleansed, released and neutralized.

Along with the cacao the Sound Medicine also has a positive effect to decalcify the pineal gland and stimulate in general vital force to flow and activate dormant circuits to tap into true power of purpose and remember original assignment.


Kailash Kokopelli is recognized as an international performer and producer of sacred world music.
The multi-instrumentalist, medicine person and sound healer is weaving ancient and future traditions through his ceremonial medicine music. Exploring the healing effect of sound over 30 years, Kokopelli has developed a unique sound transmission initiating self-healing processes through the Australian Didgeridoo of the Aboriginees, the Native American Prayer Flute, crystal singing bowls in combination with overtone and shamanic spirit chanting.

As one of the first European Didgeridoo Players and Healing Music producers, Kailash Kokopelli is a leading pioneer and sound therapist exploring the healing effect of sound since the early 90’s since when he gathered his expertise through countless individual and group sound medicine treatments as well as performing ceremonial Medicine Music Concerts worldwide.

Kailash offers also overtone chanting and Flute lessons as well as astrological chart readings online and individual sound medicine treatments.

Find his world of music also on Facebook, Instagram, @kailash.kokopelli spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud etc.

Pia is a vocalist and multi-instrumental sound healing artist. She is authentic, follows her heart and makes her light shine. With her harmonic Tibetan Singing Bowls, mystical Chau Gong, enchanting Sansula, Shaman Drum, and not to mention her intuitive singing and light language, she knows how to touch one’s heart and soul on deep levels.

TERENCE SAMSON Percussion Artist based in Amsterdam
Terence plays all kinds of small percussion and instruments such as Daf, Pandero, Congas, Tabla, Bansuri, Hang. He is known for his warm, beautiful tight rhythmically nuanced and intuitive play!

Jos, sound engineer, ensures a clear and good sound with Laserprojects Soundtechniek during the event.

After registration you will receive a mail with all the relevant information regarding the venue, parking space, what to bring with you and how to prepare for the cacao ceremony and sound healing meditation.

Saturday 23 September 2023 van 17:00 tot 20:00

Bergerweg 23, 6085 AS Horn, Nederland

Over de organisatie

“Muziek en klank is universeel, verbindend en helend... mijn passie!”

Heart Tuned Sounds (Pia Brand) geeft multi-instrumentale Sound Healing concerten en individuele Sound Healing sessies.


Froukje De Wilde

Cacao Ceremony & Sound Healing Journey by Kailash Kokopelli & Friends

Prachtige Sound Healing door Kailash Kokopelli met helende zang en sounds door Pia Brand en zinderende percussie door Terence Samson. Met het drinken van biologische pure Cacao als helend medicijn. Een uitstekend georganiseerd evenement in een mooie ruimte. Een heerlijke ontspannen en diepgaande ervaring.

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Fanny Muller

Cacao Ceremony & Sound Healing Journey by Kailash Kokopelli & Friends

It was Amaizing. I got lots of healings in all my body with the Magical presence and music of Kailash. All his vibrations were a medicine for my heart. I could feel the blocages and tensions inside of me melting into all the Love that he vibrates and gives to us. I'm very gratefull for Pia and her team to organize such a beautifull ceremony.

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Truus Knoops

Cacao Ceremony & Sound Healing Journey by Kailash Kokopelli & Friends

De cacao ceremonie, een bijzondere ervaring. Zang, dans, klank. Een mooi samenspel tussen beweging en klank. Nooit gedacht dat ik kon zingen en dansen, een bijzondere belevenis om met behulp van cacao nieuwe dimensies ontdekken. Vandaag een blij mens.

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Cacao Ceremony & Sound Healing Journey by Kailash Kokopelli & Friends

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