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Medicine Mushroom Tea Ceremony & Handpan Sound Journey in Mahara Yurt

Sunday 27 August 2023 van 15:00 tot 17:00

Mahara Holistic Lifestyle, De Clercqstraat 123HS, 1053 AK Amsterdam, Netherlands

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We feel the call to share a Medicine (functional) Mushroom Tea Ceremony ๐ŸŒฟ with Handpan Sound Journey on August 27 from 15-17 at the beautiful yurt space of Mahara with a garden in Amsterdam. This is calling curious souls and who are interested to explore alternative natural medicine or mushrooms, in a sacred ritual for health benefits, self-healing, deeper connection, and to rest together with peaceful yet grounding music by Musician Leela โœจ

We will use medicine mushroom mix including Chaga, Reishi, Turkeytail, Cordyceps, Lions Mane and Tremella. With 6 medicinal mushroom powders, there is a wide range of benefits in each and every serving. They are known for supporting the immune system and vitality, increasing the body's resistance to stressors and lifting the mood. They also contain a high amount of vitamins, minerals and building blocks that help nourish the body and promote its regeneration. This combination creates a unique way of harmonizing and balancing your body, mind and spirit. There's also an option of adding micro-dosing truffle to feel stronger effect.

For the mindful and ancient Tea Ceremony (โ€˜Cha Daoโ€™ ่Œถ้“, the way of nature through tea), Leila will present medicine mushroom tea and guide you through a meditation that cultivates mindful process and fluid flow in a harmonious atmosphere that brings us together and improves our taste bud and senses, health and soul. This ancient way of appreciating tea and nature has been around for thousands of years rooted from China. We wish to together feel and integrate those wisdoms into a mindful daily lifestyle. Tasty, fresh and nourishing sweets will be paired with the tea to enhance the senses.

Handpan and other instrumental tunes by musician/DJ Leela will create a peaceful yet grounding atmosphere throughout and after the ceremony, taking you on an inner, meditative and sound journey. For especially those who seek to slow down your busy life and to be more present in the moments, this combination of Tea Ceremony, Medicine Mushrooms and Sound Journey will be a great way to set a relaxing tune.

This combination evolved from exploring ancient practices, the passion for mindful living and expanding our consciousness through plant medicine and nature. We enjoy supporting each other and co-creating a healthy, mindful, creative and loving lifestyle. Aftercare, support and integration will be shared, discussed afterwards as well.

๐๐ซ๐š๐œ๐ญ๐ข๐œ๐š๐ฅ ๐ˆ๐ง๐Ÿ๐จ๐ซ๐ฆ๐š๐ญ๐ข๐จ๐ง:
โ˜ผ Ticket: 38 euros (please reach out if you like to join but have financial difficulty currently, we will find a way)
โ˜ผ Entrance time (doors open): 14:30
โ˜ผ Starting time: 15:00 (please arrive on time)
โ˜ผ We advise a light lunch at least 1 hour before so the medicine can unfold more unaffected and pure in your body

Feel free to check out our profiles:

DM for any questions. Looking forward to sharing with you soon!

With love,
Leila and Leela

Sunday 27 August 2023 van 15:00 tot 17:00

Mahara Holistic Lifestyle, De Clercqstraat 123HS, 1053 AK Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over de organisatie

“Everyone is an artist.”

To make arts and dance with life, for both the bright and dark sides. To co-create and share holistic events with you and nature. Amsterdam-based.

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Mahara Holistic Lifestyle



Micro-dosing Tea Ceremony with Handpan Sound Journey in Amsterdam

I had a wonderful experience at Leila's and Bart's ceremony. Their practices complement each other nicely, allowing you to connect deeper to your senses and feelings. Leila was a very caring and gentle space owner, I am grateful for this journey we've experienced together

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Carolina Assis Jesus

Ancient Pu'er Tea Ceremony with Handpan Sound Journey at Mahara Yurt

The ceremony was very relaxing and cozy. Loved the tea and the music and the yurt was so welcoming. Thank you for the wonderful journey!

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Orysia Sai

Medicine Mushroom Tea Ceremony & Handpan Sound Journey in Mahara Yurt

It was wonderful journey, Big thanks for Masters.

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Medicine Mushroom Tea Ceremony & Handpan Sound Journey in Mahara Yurt

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