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(Vol) Tantra course ~ Fall into TRUTH - Groningen

Monday 09 October 2023 om 19:00 tot Monday 11 December 2023 om 21:30

Groningen, Nederland

Over dit evenement

Tantra Course
8 evenings + 1 Day retreat, 8-12 participants
9 Oct - 11 dec '23, Groningen
Fall into TRUTH
Transformational tantra with Ymke & Helena

Ready for your Aliveness? let's fall & surrender!

Do you want to…
- Become deeper connected to your sexual energy?
- Master masculine + feminine polarities?
- Show up in true readiness for yourself?
- Feel aliveness in every cell?

In the powerful, conscious space we go through a transformative time together, where there is a lot of personal attention for everyone. Deep processes are invited to unfold, darkness may meet the light, masculine the feminine, contraction the expansion...

Tantra invites us to say YES to everything we are, to life, to others, and also to ‘no’s’. The Tantric path is for ‘advanced’ practitioners. Those who really want to show up in Life, face their shadows, expand their energy, and cleanse what they are not. Ultimately, to realize our wholeness again. Tantra is essentially transformative, and Helena and Ymke dedicate this journey with you to explore your depth, and fall in love again, and again, and again. For truthful connection with yourself, others, and Life!

In this 5th cycle of creation, Helena and Ymke are going to hold space for deep transformation. With the powerful tools learned throughout the years, the intention is to get even more raw, true to each other, and take courageous steps to fall into Truth - with all the fears & joys!

If you feel curiosity, we invite you to a personal call to explore your intentions for this transformational program, and possibly conclude our yesses!

Dates: Monday’s 19-21:30h 9, 16, 23, 30 Oct, 6, 13, 20, Nov - practice evenings
Saturday 25 Nov: 9:30-17h - 1-Day retreat
Monday 19-21:30h 11 Dec - integration evening

Investment in yourself: 444€ (mogelijkheid in twee termijnen, nu en tweede termijn voor 1 okt)
Sign-up: Helena +4915782968008 Ymke 0683875644 or info@intimacyalchemy.nl


Helena is a passionate explorer of this human life, and she invite you to explore yourSelf in conscious spaces! The breath is her closest ally in connection to the mundane, as well as mysterious Life. Feeling, healing, transformation, and empowerment stand central in her work, where she combines Tantric practices with Psychology, Breathwork, and Energywork. Through her soft and profound guidance, Helena creates a safe space for everyone who dares to surrender one fractal deeper into their Being. Let everything move naturally, ready to un-hide all that you are, ready to remember and live your essence.

On a path of transformational magic, Ymke is a woman with a pure open heart. She will invite you with grace, conscious awareness, and a smile. With a strong intuition, and her feminine presence, she creates loving sacred spaces where you feel safe, seen, nourished, and held. As a passionate tantrica, she loves to support you to have the courage to open up chapters of your life by allowing life force energies in. She embodies the gift of intimacy with yourself, and others and will show you how everyday we can radiate our light a little more to make the world a beautiful place to live in.

>>> www.intimacyalchemy.nl to find a glossy booklet about this program

Monday 09 October 2023 om 19:00 tot Monday 11 December 2023 om 21:30

Groningen, Nederland

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Over de organisatie

“Tantra is about truly loving and embracing all of life. OSHO”

Tantra cursussen, workshops en retraites l Tantric Ropes (Healing Shibari) l Tantramassage l Kundalini activatie l Sacred Sexuality.


Cathy Brouwer

Art of Touch and Rope: Exploring Emotional Intimacy through Shibari

Zeer goede workshop door Ymke en Marco, die beide zeer ervaren en zorgvuldig zijn. Ze leren je niet alleen hoe je touwen kunt gebruiken, maar vooral hoe je dat tantrisch doet; in afstemming, vanuit een hart-connectie. Info over het belang en de kracht van consent en 'selfcare' gaf verdieping. En het gaf zo veel meer ruimte om te spelen en te ontdekken daarna. Prachtig!

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Janine Sieders

KUNDALINI bodywork en dearmouring EDUCATIEDAG. Groningen

Heerlijke dag, Ymke is fijn, veel geleerd en ondervonden

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Cacao & Kundalini activation

Wat was dit mooi, intens en liefdevol. Echt dat stukje extra ❤️.

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(Vol) Tantra course ~ Fall into TRUTH - Groningen

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