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6 Month Online Inner Voice Journey with Leonie Bos (for woman)

Monday 18 December 2023 van 20:00 tot 22:30


Over dit evenement

Join me on this journey with your own Inner Voice.
Learn how to navigate yourself inwards and discover your own inner landscape
via the quality of your true voice.

You wish to free yourself from old structures that are withholding you to fully be You?
Join me on a beautiful journey to awaken your own full unique potential.

You are naturally born with all the tools you need in life to realise the freedom in creativity. But we have forgotten them over time.
Let me guide you to remember


Together we are going to explore the healing wisdom that our own voice carries within.

• Working with the chakra's
• Reflection and dialogue
• Toning/Sounding
• Mantra
• Voicing our inner world
• Speaking our truth
• Breath work
• Authentic Relating
• The importance of the Vagus Nerve
• Singing with your whole body
• Connecting to the inner wisdom by unleashing our ancestral voice
• Guided meditations and how to implement all of this
into your daily life.
• Quest teachers
• Guidance on how to use your voice as a healing tool for yourself and others.
• Recorded sound-healings, mantra's and more
• A private Telegram community group where home work will be shared, and where we connect in between the monthly zoom sessions.

☞ Monthly live Zoom sessions
on Monday at 8pm (CET)
18/12 - 22/01 - 19/02 - 18/03 - 22/04 - 20/05

☞ We will also work with a 'Buddy' system
to practice together outside the monthly zoom sessions.

Community and connection is a very important aspect of this course.
Taking part in the live zoom sessions is not optional, I am asking for your dedication.
We do this together

Why choosing this program?

This is a program for anyone who feels the readiness to fully be here with all that you are, in your highest potential. To open up your voice and discover the pure and raw quality of your own soul/voice.
By participating in this journey you are dedicating yourself towards You. To step into your full potential.


or pay in 2 instalments of €400,-

Over de organisatie

“I make music from and for my own heart, in order for mine to touch yours”

Artiest, Singer Songwriter, Inner Voice Coach


Cihat Sabah

Sacred Sunday | Leonie Bos - Egmond ad Hoef

Heerlijk samensmelten Dankzij leonie's voelbaar pure hart en zang. lekker genoten van de mooie stem en het gastvrij omgeving!

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Leonie Munster

Sacred Sunday | Leonie Bos - Egmond ad Hoef

Heerlijk een intieme sfeer en puur vanuit het hart. Het was ook een toplocatie bij de alpaca boerderij. Nogmaals het was een heilige zondagochtend! 💕

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Nelleke Bos

Oudejaarsconcert • Leonie Bos SOLD OUT

Zoveel meer dan een concert! 🫶🏼

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6 Month Online Inner Voice Journey with Leonie Bos (for woman)

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