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Re-Align (™) your energy - 8-week online container

Monday 03 April 2023 van 0:00 tot 0:00


Over dit evenement

Re-Align (™) your energy - 8-week online container

- Breaking the Burn-Out cycle
- Re-aligning with your natural energy levels
- Reversing the process from trauma to turn-on
- Activating natural blueprints of health
- Reviving your natural life cycles

- Experiencing empowered choice, agency, care, and compassion
- A new felt sense of safety, trusting self and others
- Radically transforming pain into growth and transformation
- Learning your body’s language (recognizing your subconscious patterns and reactions)
- Growing your range of resilience
- Cultivating a greater capacity to re-bounce more quickly when you fall out of balance
- Learning a library of tools that work for YOU

- 8 weeks together in an online container
- 8 online zoom sessions* (for you to attend live or download and own for life)
- 8 audio recordings (for you to download and use whenever you need some guidance)
- Small intimate container (max 10 spots)
- Group support & direct access to me

*The online sessions will be:
- A mix of a knowledge-based workshop & ceremonial experience going deep into the practice
- Approx. 2 hours long
- Thursdays at 19h
- You can be present life or watch the recording later

- Digestible nervous system education based on the trauma archetypes, learning to recognize HYPO- and HYPER responses
- Somatic (body-based) practices that bring the whole body back online
- Breath-based practices
- Lots of energetic realignment

- You are finding yourself in a burn-out cycle (mini burn-outs and huge break-downs)
- You are finding yourself in a depression or anxiety cycle
- You know exactly what is good for you but for some reason, you can’t seem to take action
- Your energy levels are all over the place
- You feel like you are in a rat race and can’t seem to slow down and life only gets crazier and faster
- You are struggling with “unexplainable” health issues

I’ve got you!

START: April 3rd; first online zoom session is on April 6th

EXCHANGE: €550,- incl VAT

Language: English

Join this safe space where you are seen, held, loved, and understood. Space that is non-judgemental. Space where you can lean back, surrender, and feel deeply loved, nourished, and replenished. Space where you create coherence - alignment that regenerates life force.

Loving you,

Over de organisatie

“Your Body is a Doorway.”

The intersection of Body, Animacy, and Ritual. Meeting your nervous system with skill and grace, safety and wizardry.


Mees Stegeman

Your Body as a Doorway

I really loved dipping into the wisdom and knowledge that Katja holds, reminding us of our nature, of our humanness and letting us explore the depths of our bodies more through movement- inviting us to explore the abilities of our bodies and to move on the floor, which felt truly amazing. Powerful music and a beautiful guidance into the deeper realms of our being. Thankyou Katja 🫶🏽

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Kim Lüchau

Your Body as a Doorway

Working with Katja is always magical! Deep dive through my badoyverse, deep but very gentle touches for my nervous system, wellness and transformation for my soul <3

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Your Body as a Doorway

Katja has a superpower to take people to another universe and bring them back, with renewed energy and insight. She is my go-to relational somatic practitioner and would recommend trying it for yourself 💜

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Re-Align (™) your energy - 8-week online container

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