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Resoul Rebels - by Iris Inaya

Kundalini x Lightlanguage Activations, Shamanic SoundJourneys. Voice Activations. Jams. Reconnecting you with your true soul's expression.


06 24 89 39 84

Den Haag, Nederland

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Evenementen van Resoul Rebels - by Iris Inaya

Saturday, 30 Sep. om 14:00
Resoul Rebels - by Iris Inaya
Kundalini activatie Lichttaal Klankreis-Soundbath
Saturday, 14 Oct. om 14:00
Resoul Rebels - by Iris Inaya
Cacao ceremonie Lichttaal Klankreis-Soundbath
“It's time to liberate the f*ck out of ourselves!”

Over de organisatie

I’m Iris Inaya, I’m a lightlanguage healer, -activator, -mentor and artist.

I say it’s time to liberate the f*ck out of ourselves. To live life full colour, as intended by our souls. To stop letting ourselves be limited by our stories, fears and self-criticism. It’s time to play. Time to awaken into our magic. Feeling free to express it all.

By using kundalini-energy, lightlanguage sounds, vocals and frequencies as tools I help you re-connect with your heart’s knowing, your lust for life, your own healing power and original creativity!

To guide you in this process, I always work within a shamanic setting and ceremonial space. Check www.resoulrebels.com for services offered, or find my podcast Resoul Rebels Radio on any platform.

Here on Hipsy you will find:
- Kundalini x Lightlanguage Activations
- Lightlanguage lab-workshops where you can to get your own soul's (light)language to flow!
- Ceremonies with a wholesome and holy trinity of cacao, breathwork
and shamanic (lightlanguage) soundjourney. Connecting, liberating and relaxing.

If you like me to keep you posted on upcoming events, whatsapp me.

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Resoul Rebels - by Iris Inaya

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