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Sensual Play Party: Floggers & Fun

Sunday 14 May 2023 van 14:45 tot 22:00

Odessa Muiderpoort, Ter Gouwstraat 3, 1093 JX Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over dit evenement

Sensual Play Party @ Odessa Amsterdam Muiderpoort
Come play with us! 💫

Sensual play parties by Healing Movements are all about playful explorations. By slowing down and connecting to what gives us joy & pleasure, we open a field of endless explorative possibilities.

Most of us are conditioned to suppress our desires or not be in touch with them. We might judge our desires as bad or feel uncomfortable about them, while when they arise for what they truly are, are mostly innocent and curious. Our desires might shift from moment to moment: from wanting to connect with others in a dance or play, being on our own and going into meditation, or moving on to explore a new sensation or touch, etc.

During a sensual play party, we will create an environment in which you will be invited to explore your authentic sensual desires, using touch, movement, connection, and sensual objects like blindfolds, ropes, feathers, etc in a safe and playful way.

🌹 Program: 🌹
14.45-15.00: Walk-in
1500-1700: Make Your Own Flogger workshop by Kinkcycle

1700-1800: Vegetarian/Vegan Potluck (everyone brings something to share)
1800-1900: ''Rules of play''
1900-2130: Open play space
2130-2200: Walk-out

✨ We start the day with a guided workshop. In this way, we get to know each other a bit better and connect. The workshop will be about making your own flogger from bike tires, by Kinkcycle.

✨ During dinner time, you are all invited to bring something vega(n) to share.

✨ After dinner, we will set the container for the rest of the evening, with guidelines about consent and boundary setting. We start with an intro & some consent games. For the rest of the evening, you are invited to explore your sensual desires with massage, touch, dance, food, ropes (shibari), etc. Or maybe you just want to meditate and relax. All is welcome. You don't 'have' to do anything.

🌹 For whom? 🌹
This event is meant for people who are on their own sensual journey and have (some) experience in mindfulness and/or tantra.
Explorative singles and couples from 21+.
Most of our crowd is between 25-45.

If you are new to this field send me a personal message.

✨ This is a consensual, sober & no-nudity event.
-This means that both your yeses and your no’s are wildly celebrated. We advise you to check in regularly with another.
-Panties stay on. We invite you to explore other parts of the body. (;
-No drugs, plant medicines, or alcohol will be allowed to be used during or on the day of the event. We will aim for creating a space where you will get high in a natural way. ;)

✨ Regarding your relationship(s): We would like to encourage you to talk to your partner(s) about expectations and boundaries before coming to the festival, whether you are coming together or alone. In the workshop, we might do exercises in pairs. As a couple, you are encouraged to blend into the group, but you can choose to do the exercises together if you prefer.

🌹 Price: 🌹
Early bird: Until April 30th.
59 Workshop + party
111 duo ticket (bring a partner or friend)
39 Party Only (doors close at 18.00). Party-only tickets are only for people that have been to one of my workshops before.

Normal ticket:
65 Workshop + party
125 duo ticket (bring a partner or friend)
45 Party Only (doors close at 18.00). Party-only tickets are only for people that have been to one of my workshops.

Budget ticket:
There are 2 budget tickets available for those with less financial funds. 

Sensual Play Party multiple ticket pass: 
150 three times entry to one of the play parties:
12 March, 14 May, 9 July, 10 Sept and/or 12 Nov.

🌹 Refunds: 🌹
1 month before the event: 100%
1 month - 1 week before the event: 50%
1 week before the event: no refund
If you find someone to take over your ticket, send an email about it upfront.

🌹 About the team: 🌹
Healing Movements is an initiative by Kim and is about creating spaces for intimate, playful, and healing encounters. During play parties, a team of spaceholders will be present.

Kim has been walking the path of tantra since 2016 and has experimented with conscious kink since 2020. She has followed several trainings in both areas, including School of Shakti’s year training and facilitator training, a course in Tantric Domination, a course in Shibari, and an extensive course in Tantric Dance. Currently, she is taking a training in body-oriented psychology.

She has lived in and visited several tantric communities on her travels and has been giving workshops and sessions on and off for several years.

In the past two years, her healing journey included exploring power dynamics and rope-play (shibari), which brought her attention to the great potential it has to play and have fun with, while integrating more parts of herself. Allowing her to become a better human along the way.

Sunday 14 May 2023 van 14:45 tot 22:00

Odessa Muiderpoort, Ter Gouwstraat 3, 1093 JX Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over de organisatie

“Creating spaces for intimate, playful and healing encounters. 🌙”

Tantra | Shibari | Sensuality | A temple space for healing, intimacy & play.

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Sensual Play Party: Feminine flow & masculine guidance

I really enjoyed this play party. The workshop was fun, and I enjoyed meeting some really nice people, chatting, and dancing. Looking forward to the next one!

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Sensual Play Party: Shibarifest UITVERKOCHT

Elke keer weer op de sensual play parties van Healing Movements, voel ik me zo veilig. En elke keer durf ik dieper in mezelf te zakken, in mijn seksualiteit en in mijn eigen verlangens. Dit voelt als heling, én genieten! Ik voel me steeds veiliger in mijn contact met mannen, en vrijer in mijn eigen seksualiteit en sensualiteit. Echt super fijn...

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Sensual Play Party: Shibarifest UITVERKOCHT

Een super locatie en mooi setting. Het team heet je warm welkom. De sfeer was warm en fijn. De dagindeling vond ik gebalanceerd en de opbouw super. Zelf weinig verwachtingen en dat zorgde voor mooie ontmoetingen, gesprekken, ervaringen en ontdekkingen. In drie woorden van de dag schoonheid, intens en bijzonder. Een waar je bij wil zijn, want de woorden zijn niet toereikend om de ervaring(en) te omschrijven. Het behoud van de magie. Want het blijft stromen. Bedankt en hartelijke groet 🍀

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Sensual Play Party: Floggers & Fun

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