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Ode aan de Yoni 2 month Journey

Monday 08 May 2023 om 19:30 tot Tuesday 09 May 2023 om 21:30

Avani, Het Hoog 3, 5268 LL Helvoirt, Netherlands & Online

Over dit evenement

YESSSS sisters,
We're going on a 2 month journey together with a small group of women <3
A deep dive into the YONIVERSE...

We will kick off on the 23rd of March with an opening ceremony online.
After which we will be coming together another 8 times Online and 2 times LIVE for a full weekend.

The journey involves the Ode aan de Yoni retreat (21-24 April), and the Temple weekend (5-7 May) which will be held at Avani Retreat Center in Helvoirt, the Netherlands. All delicious food & sleeping accommodation is included in the journey's package.

The Ode aan de Yoni Retreat is a weekend where we dive into a temple of embodied womanly arts, where you will be invited to dis-cover, reclaim and celebrate your yoni - the part of the female body that is so often forgotten, ignored, shamed and neglected in our world today.

Our time together will be grounded in a safe and sacred space for you to connect deeply with your body temple. You will be guided step by step to hear the voices from deep within, to unravel the conditionings that keep your sensuality locked and prevent you from thriving and reaching your highest potential in sensuality, love, relationships and overall life.

You will learn and experience:
You'll receive ageless wisdom practices from Tao, Tantra and other traditions to grow in self-love and self-worth from the inside out. You'll learn to listen to the wisdom of your body, honouring her wisdom, desire, intelligence and intuitive knowing. You'll connect to your erotic innocence, own your turn on, and be celebrated for exactly who you've been and who you're becoming as a woman and a sensual being.
We’ll use different practices and rituals for acknowledging, listening, healing, seeing, feeling, awakening and deeply honouring your yoni and female body. Specifically, some of our offerings together will include:
~ Intention setting ritual
~ Jade egg initiation ceremony and several guided jade egg practices
~ Feminine embodiment and TaoTantric practices for sensual vitality including sacred feminine qigong, Taoist breast massage, ovarian breathing, inner smile, microcosmic orbit and womb meditation and blessing
_ Yoni love ritual
~ Yoni mapping
~ Yoni art
~ Yoni puja
~ Deep group coaching process to examine your current connection with and stories you hold about your yoni, and to create a new relationship that serves YOU and your female body, and holds in love the parts of you that may be in fear or resistance
~ And more (or less, we always flow with what’s there in the moment, and it's always up to you to participate to your comfort level; your feelings and personal boundaries will always be honoured without question)

The practices, rituals, and celebration you'll experience will free up space in your being for enhanced creative expression, inner radiance, and richer engagement with Life itself! Having access to this creative energy of manifestation enhances all your senses, your innate power, your spiritual connection, and so much more.
We are so privileged to have the opportunity to gather as women in this way. Leaving here, you will have restored your connection with your inner guidance system and discovered new ways to care for yourself and express yourself. This is a place you can fall in love with yourself!

After this beautiful first Live gathering there will be the possibility to join an online jade egg practice to stay in the bubble we created & to stay connected with your Yoni area. We will also have an after call to hear how you feel after the retreat and how you feel about the upcoming weekend: the Temple weekend.

Because 5-7 May we will come together again. You will feel like coming home at Avani Retreat Center, together with some 'old' and some 'new' sisters.
The Temple weekend days will be filled with
- Tantric massages
- Taoïstistic rituals
- Singing Circles
- Wheel of Consent
- Sensual dance
- Temple Night
- Sensual Oil Play
- and more, or less: what you feel in that moment.

We will offer a space where your desires are welcomed to be seen, heard and maybe even realised. Together we hold each other in softness and acceptation so shame and other blocking thoughts can melt away. Where we really focused on ourSELVES in the first retreat, we will now connect more with our sisters. We will go more into pleasure, softness, sensuality and letting our QI flow through our bodies.

After this weekend you will feel rejuvenated and most probably more alive than ever before.
We will have an after call for this weekend as well, to hear your experiences and share about what's alive in you. The week after you will have the possibility to join another Yoni Egg Practice and we will close this circle on the 25th of May with the intimate group of sisters that joined this journey together with you.

This journey will only be in English if there are non Dutch women joining. However, we've experienced that in our English retreats, it is very easy for everyone and in smaller sharing circles it's still possible to share in your own language.

The value of this journey is 2075 euro.

We will offer this journey for:
Abundant support a sister: 1875
Standard: 1675
Low income sister: 1475

If you feel this journey is for you, but you're not sure
please send us a message and give us a call on 0638053348 (Maartje).

If you feel a full HELL YES LETS GO after reading our website and this event text:
We trust that this journey is exactly what you need.

Lots of love,
Imaya & Maartje

Monday 08 May 2023 om 19:30 tot Tuesday 09 May 2023 om 21:30

Avani, Het Hoog 3, 5268 LL Helvoirt, Netherlands & Online

Over de organisatie

“Explorer of life ✨ Organising things I LOVE & want to share this with you”

Organisator Ode aan de Yoni Retreat & Ecstatic Dances & dans workshops. Ook betrokken bij Avani Retreat Center

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Diana Jane Deijnen

AVANI one day event: Cacao, Mantra Circle, Potluck, Ecstatic Dance

Dit was mijn eerste cacao ceremonie, mantra zingen en ecstatic dance! Ik voelde me super welkom en de locatie was echt top! Wat een rust en fijne energie hangt er bij Avani. Ik heb zo genoten deze dag en zo veel liefde gevoeld. Echt super georganiseerd! Zeker voor herhaling vatbaar <3

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Kim Berghout

SOLD OUT - Vrouwen Festival Gathering - Ode aan de Yoni @ Avani

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Krista Van dijck

SOLD OUT - Vrouwen Festival Gathering - Ode aan de Yoni @ Avani

Heerlijke zachte energieke bedding, veiligheid, liefde en fully precent samen zijn. Aanbod was groots mooi en kloppend waardoor je zelf kon invoelen wat je wilde deelnemen. Een festival met 60 vrouwen, gedragen, tranen en pleasure alles mocht er zijn Heel mooi gefaciliteerd 💛💫

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Ode aan de Yoni 2 month Journey

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