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Highest Light Guidance from Your Angels & Guides

Sunday 23 June 2024 van 10:00 tot 18:00

EdanZ - Facilities, Van Oldenbarneveltlaan 6, 9716 EJ Groningen, Netherlands

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*Learn to listen to your healthy angels and guides
*Channel your healthy angels and guides
*Come learn from a world renowned master

More about Dr. Sierra L. Levy:

Ever since childhood, Dr. Sierra has been seeing and talking to angels and guides.

Presently, Dr. Sierra is the creator of the trademarked meta-healing arts system Resonance Therapy® and Resonance Healing® and Enlightenment Tantra™. Dr. Sierra skillfully balances the ancient mystical Tantric, Native American, and Taoist lineages with modern day science and knowledge.

Remarkably, in the “One World Tantra” event, Dr. Sierra was recognized and introduced as “one of the most knowledgeable people who is deeply connected to the Universe, with the ability to connect to the worlds beyond sight and sound and touch and hearing, with having an innate ability to connect in to the deepest parts of The Universe and allow people to really feel that part of their heart that is connected to that as well.” This introduction also acknowledged Dr. Sierra as being the most amazing medical intuitive they had ever met, and an encyclopedia Britannia on energy and spirituality.

Dr. Sierra has also had the honor and pleasure to assist people healing all over the world, and the privilege to facilitate at international Tantra festivals about: Enlightenment, Resonance Therapy® and Resonance Healing®; Enlightenment Tantra™; Heart-Healing; Love; Sacred Anatomy; Sacred Divine Healing Touch and Massage; Sacred Sexuality; Kundalini; Shaktipat (Appropriate Kundalini Activation); Releasing Trauma; The Physiology of Love and Bliss (Ananda); Orgasmic States; and Oneness.

Dr. Sierra’s deep ecstasy is to assist with bringing everyone more understanding, contentment, peace, bliss, joy and ecstasy. Dr. Sierra’s hope is that everyone will have the opportunity to live full, authentic, present, fully embodied, awakened, ecstatic, blissful, healthy, whole lives. With all of Dr. Sierra’s heart and Soul, Dr. Sierra has a burning eternal fire to share a path of enlightenment, awakening, health, wisdom and understanding.

Dr. Sierra is sending love and can be reached on: www.instagram.com/sierra_l_levy and WhatsApp +1-503-805-7480

Sunday 23 June 2024 van 10:00 tot 18:00

EdanZ - Facilities, Van Oldenbarneveltlaan 6, 9716 EJ Groningen, Netherlands

Over de organisatie


We are all about Enlightenment, Truth, Growth and Evolution.

Resonance Therapy® & Enlightenment Tantra™


Ymke Van Gurp

Highest Light Guidance from Your Angels & Guides

OMG 🤩✨🫶 This woman is an true amazing healer. So kind and warm and she really knows the universe 🪽🪐✨💫🩷

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Remco Baar

Healing the Yoniverse and Its Infinite Orgasmic Potential

Dr. Sierra heeft op bijzondere wijze theorie en praktijk onderwijs over de Yoni en de Yoniverse gegeven...Lichamelijk en energetisch...Prachtig hoe alles in elkaar zit en zo mooi hoe ze een ieder van de deelnemers met veel liefde zijn of haar rugzak met kennis, vertrouwen en enlightment heeft kunnen laten vullen. Hier wordt de wereld absoluut beter van. De locatie Edanz is een fijne plek gebleken met lekkere lunches en een goede energie.

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Highest Light Guidance from Your Angels & Guides

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