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Sweatlodge Midsummer Celebration (1-day)

Sunday 30 June 2024 van 14:00 tot 21:00

6005 SW Weert, Netherlands

Over dit evenement

This wonderful event will be dedicated to the summer equinox. The sweatlodge takes place in a time were we change seasons. Where spring will change into summer. A beautiful time to take a moment to reflect, to feel and to celebrate the sun and nature at its best.

During this one-day retreat we'll guide you trough all the parts of a sweatlodge ceremony. We start by getting to know each other, sharing our intentions and explain about the day. After this we'll cover the sweatlodge with the blankets. The fire will be hot by that time. When the stones are glowing, we submerge ourselves in nature and dive into the darkness of the hut for at least four rounds.

In these four rounds we guide you trough a magical journey, every round with another theme. You'll have the opportunity to dive as deep as you want during the round. We share words, music and poems to shake of all the layers that hold us back from a blissful life. We guaranty you that you feel lighter after the ceremony.

In the end of the day we take you through some practical integration tools and a final exercise to help you integrate your insights.

Of course this day we provide you with everything you need, such as food and beverages. You only need to bring your towels and bathing clothes (optional).


Sunday 30 June 2024 van 14:00 tot 21:00

6005 SW Weert, Netherlands

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Over de organisatie

Wakan Tanka neemt je mee in een diepe reis van oeroude tradities en moderne technieken om jezelf te ontwikkelen, los te laten en balans te vinden!

In samenwerking met

The Medicine Tribe



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Elina Spiertz

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Eszra Beens

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Jop is een heel fijn persoon die een natuurlijke rust en warmte uitstraalt. Hierdoor voelde ik mij tijdens de sessie heel veilig en vertrouwd. Hij weet precies op de juiste momenten de aandacht te geven. Als je je overlevert aan zijn stem en de muziek kom je precies waar je moet zijn 😊

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Sweatlodge Midsummer Celebration (1-day)

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