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Vocal Free Flow & Ecstatic Dance

Monday 20 May 2024 van 2:00 tot 22:30

AVANI, Het Hoog 3, 5268 LL Helvoirt, Nederland

Over dit evenement

Lovely you,

On Monday 20 may we organize a beautiful event here on AVANI land with mantra singing & an ecstatic evening!!


14:00 Opening doors, space for landing
14:30 Opening circle together
15:00 Vocal free flow with sacred songs
17:00 Pause
17:30 Potluck (everyone brings some food to share)
18:30 Doors open Ecstatic
19:00 Opening Ecstatic
19:30 Start Ecstatic with DJ Tayphoon
22:00 Closing & snack time
22:30 Ending

*If the weather allows we can enjoy the pause and delicious food outside.

You can choose if you would like to experience the vocal free flow with sacred songs or buy a ticket for the whole day, including the dance evening.

See below more information about the wonderful people who lead this day.

Elias & Lian
Elias Widukind and Lian Priemus have been hosting singing circles together for quite some time. In an intimate setting, they gather and create a sacred space where self-reflection, healing, and unity intertwine. Through their melodies, they guide you on a personal journey, allowing you to connect with yourself and each other in a profound way. In between the mantra’s and medicine songs you are warmly invited to literally find your own voice by improvising and vocal free flow. You don’t need any experience and it’s perfectly fine to sit or lay down and listen. We provide you with the lyrics of the songs we sing.

DJ Tayphoon
Tayphoon’s ecstatic dance journeys are inspired by his Turkish heritage and his love for ethnic dance music from all around the world.

His sets are characterized by energetic waves which start in a meditative state and build up to an ecstatic outburst in which he invites the inner wild animal to be expressed and natural ecstasy to be experienced. He guides the dancers through warm middle eastern melodies, bouncy ethno beats, powerful tribal rhythms and cheeky psy bass drops.
His sets incorporate a wide range of genres which welcome the dancers to reconnect with their light and their shadow and all the abundant flavors of emotion.

Monday 20 May 2024 van 2:00 tot 22:30

AVANI, Het Hoog 3, 5268 LL Helvoirt, Nederland

Over de organisatie

AVANI retreats combineert oude wijsheid en de nieuwste wetenschap om lichaam en geest te transformeren.



Fabian Van Zwol

Vocal Free Flow & Ecstatic Dance

Intens genoten van de ecstatic dance! Tayphoon draait energiek en meeslepend, geweldig!

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Anne Huijbers

SOLD OUT || Lente Community Retreat || 22-25 april

Telkens op een diepe, nieuwere laag weer thuiskomen in mezelf❤️. Dat is wat Avani mij laat zien, ervaren & voelen. De ongelofelijke samenkomst van al wat is: Gelijkgestemden, elkaar zien met alle kleuren, knuffelen, zingen, kletsen, workshops. Maar ook de prachtige plek die met zoveel liefde wordt gedragen. Het geweldige eten, kindjes en hondjes, jong&oud: All is ONE! Één groot bad van liefde waarin JIJ en ik zo mezelf mag zijn. Dank je wel lief team. <3 too the moon and back 🌝✨🫶💛

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Vocal Free Flow & Ecstatic Dance

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