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Winter Solstice Ceremony

Thursday 21 December 2023 van 19:30 tot 22:00

Kerk van Durgerdam, Durgerdammerdijk 76, 1026 CG Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over dit evenement

- Winter Solstice Ceremony -


A season change is on the horizon. We are moving from Autumn's call to harvest, moving inwards, letting our leaves go and integrating - into Winter's call to embrace stillness. It is a season of inner growth and planting our seeds of unborn dreams into the dark soil of Winter's heart for a new turn around the Sun.
Let us celebrate the warmth of coming together and singing light into the darkness of the Solstice and Yule time.

I invite you to join me on Thursday, 21st of December 2023, to celebrate this turning point towards more light at the Winter Solstice.

We will connect to the portal and plant our new seeds of intentions. In co-creation with Nature and her turning of Season, we will, with our joined voices, bodies, and drums, co-create a playful field in which we invite the Winter to be one of trust, playful freedom and the warmth of connection.

I look forward to welcoming you to the beautiful old sailor church in Durgerdam (just outside Amsterdam) with runes on the floor (which awakens my Danish Viking roots). A space that invites our voices to sound free and resonate.

How? I will open the evening with my voice and drum and, after, invite you to join in. During the ceremony, I will create a guided journey to find inspiration for which seeds want to be planted.

When? Thursday, 21st of December 2023, from 19.30-21.30/22hrs.

What to bring? 
- Your voice, body, drum, or flute (or what feels like it wants to join in)
- A blanket and cushion/ something to sit on (stone floor)
- Stones, flowers or other things from nature for the central altar
- Some small offerings to share (fruit/ nuts/ chocolate). 

Price? I ask for a contribution of € 25-50 to share the rental of the church and holding of space to sound your voice and co-create.

Location: Durgerdammerdijk 76, 1026 CB Amsterdam. Free parking behind the church. You can bike the beautiful route from Central Station or take the bus. There will also be people who come in the car. We can coordinate to bring you.

Let me know if you will join with an email to leelamaystokholm1@gmail.com

For more about my work with 'Voice as a Bridge' - to connection, playfulness, Nature and authentic flow visit

Thursday 21 December 2023 van 19:30 tot 22:00

Kerk van Durgerdam, Durgerdammerdijk 76, 1026 CG Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over de organisatie

“We are stardust, we are golden and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden”

Voice as a Bridge - to sound your authentic and intuitive Nature from inside out.



Winter Solstice Ceremony

Super fijne verbindings avond in zang en in spirit🙏✨

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Leonie Van tol

Autumn Equinox Ceremony

Beautiful evening with guided journey, sounds and loving presence of Leela!

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Charly Du Bois

Summer Solstice Ceremony

A very special and happy gathering! I'm going home with peace, energy, joy and beautiful insights :) Thank you Leela!

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Winter Solstice Ceremony

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