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ECSTATICA x Bezweefd

Friday 29 September 2023 om 17:00 tot Sunday 01 October 2023 om 15:00

The Place to Be, Brunsveldweg 9, 7021 JH Zelhem, Nederland

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Get ready to embark on a journey as ECSTATICA and Bezweefd join forces to present a weekend retreat. Welcome to the world of ECSTATICA x Bezweefd, where the practice of ecstatic dance meets nature, igniting your soul and rejuvenating your spirit.

Ecstatic dance, a dynamic form of movement expression, is at the heart of this retreat. It provides a space for individuals to explore their bodies, release inhibitions, and tap into the depths of their emotions through uninhibited movement. As you sway to the rhythm, pulsating beats, and melodic vibrations, you'll experience a range of benefits that extend far beyond the dance floor.

One of the many advantages of ecstatic dance is its ability to promote self-expression and authentic communication. In this safe and inclusive environment, you'll be encouraged to let go of societal norms and embrace your unique essence. Through the language of movement, you can articulate your emotions, desires, and innermost thoughts, fostering a deep sense of self-awareness and connection.

ECSTATICA x Bezweefd retreat features a diverse lineup of workshops that cater to various aspects of personal development and ecstatic dance. The timetable, Found on one of our Instagram profile ( @bezweefd or @ecstaticaretreat ), promises a blend of dance, mindfulness practices, expressive arts, and immersive experiences. Each workshop will be facilitated by experienced instructors, experts in their respective fields, ensuring a transformative and engaging experience for every participant.

So, whether you're a seasoned dancer or taking your first steps into the world of ecstatic dance, ECSTATICA x Bezweefd retreat offers a unique opportunity to explore, grow, and connect with yourself and others. Prepare to be transported into a realm of boundless self-expression, inner exploration, and unity with nature.

Mark your calendars, keep an eye out for the timetable release, and get ready to embark on a weekend of ecstatic dance, personal growth, and natural rejuvenation with ECSTATICA x Bezweefd. This is a journey you won't want to miss!

We are aware of the fact that the location is pretty far away. For this reason we would like to bring the people that live in the same area in contact with each other so that you have the possibility to share a ride. Furthermore there will be a plan to bring people form and to the station nearby the center -> Doetinchem train station.


Refund policy:

We hope of course you can join us for this lovely event. If you are not able to join, we suggest you try to sell your ticket. If this doesn’t work out, contact us, maybe we can find somebody together. Otherwise, these are the following deadlines for refund.

Before 1st July:

100% refund

Between July 1st - Sept 4th:

50% refund

From September 4th:

No refund is possible due to the nearing event date. In this case, your only possible solution would be to sell your ticket.

Friday 29 September 2023 om 17:00 tot Sunday 01 October 2023 om 15:00

The Place to Be, Brunsveldweg 9, 7021 JH Zelhem, Nederland

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Dance gatherings

Ecstatica - Moving into your nature

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Pauline Micola von Fürstenrecht

NYE Evening Rotterdam!

Zelden vind je plekken waar zo veel vrijheid van expressie is, waar je echt wordt geaccepteerd, verwelkomd en gevierd voor jouw aanwezigheid, wie je bent en welke ruimte je inneemt. Dit is zo'n plek, vol met liefde, vol met warmte, waarin we verantwoordelijkheid dragen voor onszelf en zorgen voor elkaar. Ik voel dankbaarheid in mijn hart en verwondering voor al het moois wat hier ontstaat. Diepe buiging voor de organisatie.

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Shanna Vrolijk

ECSTATICA x Bezweefd

Geweldig weekend, alles was goed geregeld. Super mooie live muziek en goede DJ’s. Lekker eten, leuke workshops, massages en vooral de sfeer was erg goed. Werd er heel vrolijk van :D

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Sush Kes

ECSTATICA x Bezweefd

Wat een ongelofelijk fantastisch weekend. De organisatie was TOP, de muziek was TOP, de workshops waren TOP, het eten was TOP, de locatie was TOP. Complimenten voor de bevlogenheid en de professionaliteit van het hele team!! Het is voelbaar met LIEFDE gedaan. Dit weekend was een mooi groot CADEAU. Hartelijk dank BEZWEEFD EN ECSTETICA. Tot het volgende evenement ❤️

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ECSTATICA x Bezweefd

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