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Avalon Women's Retreat

Friday 25 August 2023 om 14:30 tot Sunday 27 August 2023 om 17:00

Veenakkerweg 5, 2635 NC Den Hoorn, Nederland

Over dit evenement


A RADICAL SELF CARE retreat dedicated to ourselves, only us... where we will share practices to better understand our bodies, particularly our cycles. A space for listening, pampering, dance, meditate, breathe, sing and wake up to our true essence. An encounter with ourselves where we can free ourselves from the burdens that no longer belong to us. A place of enjoyment, celebration and transformation.

We will sing, sound, dance, massage, meditate, pray, be silent and connect with and share our magical and healing abilities in a safe and abundant environment.

This retreat is facilitated by Morgana Villén - Yonimam, Dymphi Peeters - Medicine Music and Healing Voice and Lindsay Jay - Flow Dance Meditation and will take place at Avalon Retreat Center in Den Hoorn.

Morgana will come to Avalon to help us free our sensual energy. The theme of this retreat is Water. We will connect with the water inside you and around you so all your juices can flow. The retreat is focused on opening your womb - heart - throat – crown – connection. To open your channel and to be and express your free authentic self. The dead water in our womb, due to anger, sadness, shame and trauma will become a fresh fountain again!

Dymphi: “I met Morgana last year in a Yogafit Retreat on Ibiza. When I came from the airport I was directed to meet the organiser of Yogafit Retreats: Lindsay who was participating in a workshop with Morgana. I joined in without knowing the name of workshop and we started to lay down on the ground. First I thought it was some kind of meditation then suddenly she was talking about lips and letting your juicy energy flow and connect with your womb energy! I then slowly began to realise what kind of workshop I had landed in (by the way, we kept our clothes on the whole time). 3 hours later I felt so fresh and renewed with life energy and a deep connection with a beautiful group of women around me.

So, this amazing woman and powerful priestess is called to come to Avalon in Den Hoorn to offer this retreat.

My speciality is working with the voice and intuitive music as a healing method. Our throat and our sexual organs come from the same cells from when we were an embryo. Everything you feel in the area of your sexual organs has an impact on the freedom of your voice and the freedom of your voice has an influence on the sensitivity of your sexual organs. When I started voice liberation and singing, my sexual sensitivity became much bigger in a positive way. I started to feel more energy and more enjoyment. You don’t need to be a good singer, but you can use your voice as a way to connect with your channel and the energy of the present moment. Our world consists of energy and vibration. Everything is frequency. Our organs and body have a frequency. Intention + sound = energy. So, being in the present moment and sounding your intentions is a powerful way to manifest what you want in life.”

Avalon Retreat Center in Den Hoorn, The Netherlands, is a powerful place with a self-sufficient healing food garden and ground-based care. Restoring the feminine energy in both women and men and revitalising both the earth and people are central values. www.avalonretreatcenter.nl

The delicious food will nurture us during the retreat, is ecological and grows on the Avalon Grounds. The meals and snacks are prepared with a lot of love and care and by our food priestess Eva Keeris, who is one of the 7 women of the Avalon Community. All the food is vegetarian.

Morgana is a passionate free spirit woman from Spain who connected with the power of sacred sexuality on her own healing journey, whilst teaching and dancing Belly Dance worldwide. She has background as a dancer, holistic therapist, womb healer, water therapist & Doula. As a therapist, she specialises in womb healing, sexual trauma release and everything related with sexual health and pleasure and is the Creator of Pleasure Alchemy Dance. Morgana is currently studying a bachelor degree in women's health and sexual education in addition to studying pelvic floor health and pain and pleasure in women’s sexuality.

Dymphi is a voice & kora artist, creating medicine music inspired by world music fusion, sound healing and improvisation. She gives sound healing concerts, voice healing programs, retreats and workshops and has her own Ecstatic Dance band: Dragonfly in which the music flows completely intuitively. Dymphi loves helping people to let their bodies flow and help them free themselves from energetic blocks and limiting beliefs. She loves to help them remember their own truth. Dymphi really wants others to feel loving and good and authentic and free to use their voice and to express themselves. During this Retreat she will offer you the space to start exploring or develop your wishes or desires with the help of your own voice and body. The wisdom of your body brings you to your essence. It is Dymphi’s strength to move along with this essence, to reinforce and encourage it so that an inviting interaction is created.

Lindsay Jay – Ibiza based facilitator. specialising in yoga, dance, meditation, breath work and trauma release. For the past 7 years Lindsay has lived in Ibiza, where she founded and runs YogaFit Retreats.
Over the last four years, Lindsay has been developing the Flow Dance Meditation program with Music Producer and international DJ Nathan Burroughs, with the goal of bringing conscious dance to the mainstream wellness industry. In these sessions, Lindsay will be inviting you to use movement and music along with heart lead, trauma informed guidance, to connect you more deeply with yourself, move and shift your energy, so you can release what is no longer serving you and find your own, unique flow.
Lindsay will also be sharing Flow Dance Meditation and TRE (Trauma Release Exercises).
Connect with Lindsay on social media for access to free practices, retreats or information on FDM facilitator training, check out: linktr.ee/lindsayjay_loves or www.flowdancemeditation.com

Day 1:
15:00h Check in
15:30h Thee is ready
16:00h Opening
18:00h Dinner
19:30 - 21:30 Workshop

Day 2:
8:00h Breakfast
9:00 – 12:00h workshop
12:00 – 13:00 Lunch
13:00 – 15:00 Break
15:00 – 18:00h Workshop
18:30h Dinner
20:00h Fire & Ceremony

Day 3:
9:00h Breakfast
10:00 - 13:00h Ceremony & Spa Ritual
13:00 – 14:00h Lunch
14:00 – 17:00 Celebration & closing ceremony

Retreat all-in price including 2 overnight stays and diverse foods: €450,-
Please note: The retreat language will be English

Please send an email to dymphi.peeters@gmail.com

Avalon Retreat Center
Veenakkerweg 5, 2635 NC Den Hoorn
The Netherlands
Friday 25 August 2023 om 14:30 tot Sunday 27 August 2023 om 17:00
Veenakkerweg 5, 2635 NC Den Hoorn, Nederland

Friday 25 August 2023 om 14:30 tot Sunday 27 August 2023 om 17:00

Veenakkerweg 5, 2635 NC Den Hoorn, Nederland

Over de organisatie

“Het mooiste wat je kunt worden is jezelf!”

Voice & Kora Artist | Medicine Music | World Music Fusion | Sound Healing | Improvisation | Voice Healing Work | Ecstatic Dance | Ceremony & Ritual

Dymphi Peeters, Medicine Music & Voice Healing Work



Dragonfly Ecstatic Dance live band @ Avalon - Den Hoorn

Lieve mensen, fantastische muziek, voor herhaling vatbaar

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Mechteld Last

Dragonfly Ecstatic Dance live band @ Avalon - Den Hoorn

De avond was vanaf begin tot het eind echt vreselijk genieten! De band vond ik beyond awesome! Thank you thank you thank you!

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Patrick Wiebes

Dragonfly Ecstatic Dance live band @ Avalon - Den Hoorn

Wat was het weer een fijne energie op de dansvloer van Avalon onder begeleiding van de Live band Dragonfly met die prachtige stem van Dymphi 🙏 Heb erg genoten met al die mooie mensen om mij heen 🤗

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Avalon Women's Retreat

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Dymphi Peeters, Medicine Music & Voice Healing Work
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