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Women's Circle - Mother's day special

Sunday 14 May 2023 van 15:30 tot 18:30

Kokopelli, Warmoesstraat 12, 1012 JD Amsterdam, Nīderlande

Over dit evenement

This is going to be a powerful Women's Circle!
We will honor our mother (no matter if we have a relationship or not) who brought us this life & we will connect to our Grand Mother - Earth! 🌍

Full Moon ritual in Scorpio, heart opening with ceremonial cacao and connecting to Earth Goddess energy and a lot of dancing ♏🌕✨

Titta will prepare you to savour cacao - a medicine of the heart. Used for thousands of years by the ancient civilisations in Southern and Central America, it’s a great tool for growth, relaxation and self-inquiry.
Cacao contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino-acids as well as theobromine and many other natural chemicals that enhance your mood and help your brain to naturally release DMT.

The main effect of cacao is that it opens your heart. ❤️
Other effects include feelings of euphoria and bliss, increased focus, an uplifted mood, being able to relax better and having more energy. Combining meditation and other practices with cacao can deepen your experience and offer important insights.

The cacao we will drink has been made in the traditional way, coming from family farms in Central America. 🍵🌎

You'll be guided to express your body's dance movements and let go of the old by Linda, until relaxing into your own natural flow of playing with the music and inner feelings. We will dance as we wish and express as fully as feels safe at the moment.

During the sharing circle we will rejuvenate with fruits, snacks and tea. 🫖🍵

15:15 arriving and getting comfortable
15:30 Women's Circle begins
• Relaxing and getting to know the sisterhood,
• Receiving Goddess wisdom,
• Cacao ceremony,
• Release dancing,
• Guided meditation,
• Journaling,
• Sharing circle,
• Full Moon ritual in Scorpio 🦂,
• Free expression dancing,
• Gratitude and offerings.
18:30 closing ceremony.

How to get ready?
🖊️📔Take a notebook and pen.
🧦Warm socks or flat shoes.
👑Wear an outfit that makes you feel gorgeous (or change into on the spot).

You can bring objects that you wish to load with the Full Moon's and circles energy (crystals, jewellery.. etc.).

44 € Bring a Sister (a ticket for you and your sister or mother - you do not need to be related).
33 € Loved Sister ticket (if you're in a financially challenging time).
44 € Sister - regular ticket.
55 € Abundant Sister (that wishes to support female soulpreneurship).
For my Ukrainian sisters - you are welcome to join with no charge (as in honor and request from my grand grand mother) if you feel ready to come and join my healing circle by registering below.

Meet the hosts:
Linda is a soulpreneur (soul + entrepreneur) :
1. She started to dance when she was 6, now she's 31 and feels like her dance journey has just started. Taught social dancing (Salsa, Kizomba, Bachata) and African dances for 7+ years.
2. Creator and teacher of Transformative Dance course that connects Dark and Light Feminine and Masculine aspects within us.
3. She's a professional Taroist - teaches Tarot Cards in online courses and reads cards for clients online or in real life. Founder of Tarot Reading Club.
4. Lives in a mindful way and always dives deeper in her inner work. Meditates regularly for more than 10 years. Has learned practices like Reiki, Merkabah etc. methods for self development.
5. Leads communities like her Tarot Tribe and Women's Circles ❤️‍🔥

Titta is a yoga teacher, energy healer and co-founder of the cacao community Soulsome Cacao. She has been working with cacao for a couple of years and it has become one of her favourite tools for self-development. Cacao helps her to be more creative, gain clarity and find more compassion towards herself and others.
Her passion is to help others to live more from their hearts – that's why she loves to share cacao and create ceremonial spaces where like-minded people can come together for healing.

With love,
Linda & Titta

Sunday 14 May 2023 van 15:30 tot 18:30

Kokopelli, Warmoesstraat 12, 1012 JD Amsterdam, Nīderlande

Over de organisatie

“For your blissful growth!”

Spirituality brought harmony and bliss to my existence - now I pass it forward ❤️‍🔥 Balance is my way!

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Women's Circle - Mother's day special

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