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Extra-Sensorial Healing Art Experience & Performance

Sunday 02 April 2023 van 14:00 tot 17:00

Westerpark Studio, Zeebergweg 2, 1051 DE Amsterdam, Netherlands

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This monthly event by Viktoria Kova raises the vibrations of your whole being, (re)charges your feel-good “battery”, expands the mind and balances the physical body with the inner emotional world. Science-based and Art-empowered.

We come together to :
- expand consciousness
- tap-in to the subconscious
- to explore the secret world of feelings, inner guidance, intuition, and extra-sensorial abilities
- to reconnect with Goddess
- to enable self-healing abilities.

On the new Moon raising, when new energy is ready to grow, we come together to create individual and collective consciousness based on high frequencies through videoART, music, sound waves, vibrations, aroma and tactile sensation.

We begin with a guided ritual of a specially brewed tea from the seeds of ancient African Griffonia tree.
Then the artist will present a cognitive information to activate the mind, to engage the Masculine energy.
After that, she will perform a guided experience to awaken the senses to tap into the Feminine energy.
Next, Viktoria will guide the practice of oneness, to unite both energies.
The final part of the event is the breath-work, performed by the airforce.ooo, to activate the chi energy.

Rooted in multidisciplinary forms of contemporary art like video, sound, installation and performance art, with the elements of light- and aromatherapy, functional medicine, breath work, relaxation massage and quantum self-immersion (meditation).


14.00 - 14.20 - doors open (there is no possibility to enter the venue late)
14.20 - 14.45 - guided Tea Ritual
14.45 - 15.30 - the Performance
15.30 - 16.00 - guided Experience
16.00 - 16.15 - Manifestation Practice
16.15 - 16.45 - Activation of your creative Power Breath-work by airforce.ooo
17.00 - closing

About Viktoria Kova:
Striving for balance and harmony is the impetus behind Viktoria’s state of the artistic mind, her works and projects.
Kova has her professional background in music & culture study, pedagogy and psychology. Her ontological project LAND of GOOD explores how the art can improve quality of life, heal, and expand consciousness.
Researching human and environmental capacities, and the impact of five senses on the perception of reality, Kova ontologically creates her hypnotic videos, installations and performances to experience a quantum leap to the expanded state of consciousness through the immediate activation of feel-good energy in alignment with the intuitive feminine principle.
Kova’s works are in the private and corporate art collections throughout the world.

Instagram: Viktoria Kova LAND of GOOD

Sunday 02 April 2023 van 14:00 tot 17:00

Westerpark Studio, Zeebergweg 2, 1051 DE Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over de organisatie

“You are a massive creative force of the universe. We invite u to experience it.”

Unique VIDEO & Sound ART Experiences, Healing Programs, Quantum Meditations, and Video Baths to deepen self-knowledge & improve quality of life.


Nissim Men


Very rejuvenating. The integration between the theoretical review the 'on screen' visuals and the surrounding sounds. brings the body perfect balanced ground to go deeper, calm down and purify.

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The video and sound bath made me fall into a deep meditation which gave me full relaxation and a lot of inspiration 🫶

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Iris Van Gelder

CACAO / Video & Sound ART Bath / Quantum Meditation evening RETREAT

Het was een heerlijk bad van geur, geluid en beeld. Viktoria Kova maakt films met een bepaalde frequentie geluid in haar films wat door je lijf heen gaat en je wordt in het beeld meegenomen naar je diepere zelf. Milva en Viktoria zijn samen een geweldig team die je meenemen om al je zintuigen te prikkelen. Ik ging er moe heen en voelde me zacht en gecleared na de sessie! Super aanrader om dit te ervaren! Gun het jezelf!

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Extra-Sensorial Healing Art Experience & Performance

Meer evenementen van Quantum Healing Institute

Sunday, 23 Jun. om 14:00
Video-Sound ART BATH / Quantum Meditation + CACAO Ceremony
Quantum Healing Institute
Meditatie Klankbad Cacao ceremonie

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