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Dance, Movement, & Breathing

Where movement goes, energy flows. I use dance and movement to facilitate change in the body and in the mind.



Maastricht, Netherlands

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“Playfully explore movement of your body to empower your mind”

Over de organisatie

Where movement goes, energy flows

You are here because you want to reclaim time for yourself, feel a desire to move, and a need to relieve yourself of pressure and stress.

Maybe you have tried yoga, Pilates, dancing in your kitchen. But you miss the adventure.

The playful exploration and experimentation that brings your awareness into your body and takes you fully out of your mind and, for a moment, leaves behind the next thing on the to-do list.

The body suffers, the mind suffers.

In current society, we might feel pressure to move a certain way just as we feel pressure to look a certain way. To appear sexy, strong, attractive, successful.

The restriction of our authentic expression that comes from the reality of living by society’s standards and not by our own values, creates chronic stress and fatigue.

Nature intended us to be movers, explorers, and creators. So, give yourself permission to return to this inner truth of curiosity, creativity, and exploration, away from imposed structures and choreographed movements.

Creative self-expression leads you to experience a sense of fullness, nourishment, and centeredness.

From there, you will have more energy, inspiration, innovation, and resilience to face your fears and bring your values, your wishes, your existence as a human into being.

Let yourself be free in unashamed self-expression. Reclaim yourself.

Moving in an explorative manner is about having a structure but allowing yourself to move in your way and express yourself freely. To play with the possibilities of movement, come into flow, and find a deep sense of fun and connection to yourself.

Empowering the body will inevitably empower the mind

The potential for escape, healing, and growth is there; it is available to everyone with a body.

Instead of focusing on how the body looks, shift focus to what it can do. It can breathe, it can move in space, it can connect you to another human being.

By exploring the potential of your body in movement, you can build physical strength.

Empowering the body will create physical resilience, your lungs will be completely ventilated, your heart will be flexible to different heart rates; these are medical indicators for health.

With an empowered mind one gets self-confidence, self-belief, and courage to realize their dreams. When you are familiar with exploration, you are not afraid of failure but use every opportunity to learn, grow, and expand possibilities.

When you understand your space and capacity, when you have a strong center to come back to, you find mental resilience. Being able to navigate change without losing connection to your values is stabilizing in times of transitions.

In a fast-moving world that is always changing, this is an essential skill to remain peaceful, calm, and content.

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Dance, Movement, & Breathing

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