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ED Heerlen - DJ Martyn Zij & Cacao Ceremony by Elias & Lisa

Sunday 26 February 2023 van 13:00 tot 18:00

Cultureel Centrum Corneliushuis, Groeet Genhei 14, 6413 GN Heerlen, Nederland

Over dit evenement

Welcome to this special "5 year anniversary" edition of Ecstatic Dance Heerlen. Today will be a musical collaboration of DJ Martyn Zij, Elias Widukind and Lisa Hoff, to celebrate our 5 year existence.
Available tickets: combi or ED only.

About the Cacao Ceremony
"Elias Widukind & Lisa Hoff have been playing together for over 8 years. They offer chanting concerts and cocoa ceremonies in Germany and the Netherlands. Their melodies and lyrics come from all over the world. From traditional medicine songs to mantra's from ancient India as well as heart songs from their own repertoire.

In their performances they invite both listening and singing along.
Amplified by the sounds of guitar and harmonium they create beautiful and unique harmonies that melt together with the voices of the crowd.

Everyday is different, every moment unique, and so is every ceremony. For us, life itself is one big ceremony. We want to celebrate this with you and the love of Mama Cacao, while chanting heart songs and sharing our prayers and intentions. Together we create a space of harmony and unity, as we come together in the name of the heart. A moment where all is welcome that wants to be experienced between sound and silence. "

We will set our intention and drink a cup of ceremonial raw Cacoa, a sacred plant medicine that is known for it's heart opening and both grounding as well as uplifting qualities. Like with all plant medicine nothing will happen if we passively expect Cacao to do the work for us. By singing, dancing, expressing ourselves we will meet the cacao in the middle an this is the place where true magic and healing can happen.
We encourage you to come with an empty stomach or only have a light meal in the morning to enhance your experience.

About Ecstatic Dance
Ecstatic Dance is a free form of dance-workout, very pure and simple and therefore so powerful and transforming. To create a save and sacred environment we follow a few basic but important guidelines.

We commit ourselves to:
* No speaking or communicating in spoken language, the entire room is a non-speaking area,
* We dance and move barefoot in our own unique way,
* We respect ourselves and others without the use of alcohol or drugs.
* The room is free from phones or any other distractions.

13,00 Doors open
13:30 Cacao ceremony,
Please note that the door will be locked at 13.30 so be on time!
15.00 Break and doors open (for Ecstatic Dance only visitors)
15.30 Start Ecstatic Dance
17.30 Closing-circle

* Wear layers of comfortable clothes in which you can move freely, take into account that you will sweat and take care of good hygiene,
* Returning tickets once purchased is not possible. No refunds will be made unless the event is canceled by the organization,
* Leave your valuables at home as much as possible. Bags remain outside the room so that we can literally leave the worries and distractions of everyday life outside,
* We do our very best to guarantee your safety, but we would like to point out that participation is entirely at your own risk.
* We will serve organic tea, please bring your own water bottle!

* Bring a sheepskin, yoga math, blanket, meditation pillow etc to be able to sit comfortably during the cacao ceremony.

We dance at Cultureel Centrum Corneliushuis in Heerlerheide (Groeet Genhei 14). You can find the entrance opposite to supermarket “Plus”, parking is free in the underground parking garage, you need the ticket to enter the parking afterwards.
It is a spacious room with a good ventilation system. We serve organic tea, please bring your own water bottle!

Looking forward to meet you on our dancefloor!

Sunday 26 February 2023 van 13:00 tot 18:00

Cultureel Centrum Corneliushuis, Groeet Genhei 14, 6413 GN Heerlen, Nederland

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Koop je tickets direct via Hipsy. Na betaling is je deelname definitief en ontvang je je tickets per e-mail.

Over de organisatie

We facilitate Ecstatic Dance and dance related events in the south or middle region of our beautiful province Limburg (NL).



Ecstatic Dance Heerlen - DJ Milla Linna & Ty Alexander

De beste versie die ik in 5 jaar EDL heb mogen meemaken. In diepe overgave namen Ty en Milla me mee naar de diepe grootsheid van menselijke beleving. Confrontatie en bevrediging in het alleen zijn en het samen zijn. Gedragen door de setting. Ik hou zo van de mensen die ik hier ken. Eerste keer op deze locatie in Heerlen en kijk nu ook al weer uit naar 26 februari.

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Ecstatic Dance Heerlen - DJ Milla Linna & Ty Alexander

Zo te dansen, in een veilige, respectvolle en energieke omgeving, maakt telkens weer alle cellen van mijn lichaam wakker.

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Ecstatic Dance Heerlen - DJ Milla Linna & Ty Alexander

Wauwie! Wat een fijne plek om jezelf helemaal los te laten. Met spierpijn wakker geworden vannochtend. Ik kijk voor t eerst in een hele lange tijd weer terug naar een geweldige avond. Dank jullie wel!

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ED Heerlen - DJ Martyn Zij & Cacao Ceremony by Elias & Lisa

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