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MAANKARAVAAN-Full Moon Cacao Ceremony-Couple Positive-ESTA POLYESTA

Wednesday 24 April 2024 van 19:00 tot 22:30

Buiksloterkerkpad 10, 1034 VZ Amsterdam, Nederland

Over dit evenement

Ecstatic Full Moon Cacao Ceremony

This April Moon I am trilled to have the Goddessss QUEEN of ecstatic dance ESTA POLYESTA in the church!

And we have more:
🔥 Full Moon 🍫Cacao Ceremony* - theme PINKMOON
🔥 Live music by Couple Positive
🔥 Ecstatic Dance Journey by DJ ESTA POLYESTA

This special ecstatic Full Moon Gathering of the tribe is at the magical church: De Buiksloterkerk!

Insta check it out: https://instagram.com/moonfool_maanmagie?igshid=OGQ5ZDc2ODk2ZA==%0A

The theme of the April full moon is PinkMoon.....
the colour of the wild Phlox, one of the first flowers that wil bloom this month.
The plantmedicine Cacao opens your heart even more to make the unspoken bloom from within!

This MAANKARAVAAN will be a BLOOM editon….. spring and sun are coming, yeah!!!

How do you bloom?
What colours are in you?
What do you need to bloom all of you?
How do you roaaarrrrr from deep within?

💛Be greatfull
💛Let go
💛Dive deep
💛And feel what wants tot roaaarrrr and bloom in you!

Are you ready for Natural Ecstasy?
Are you ready for crazy love vibes?

⚡no shoes
⚡no phones
⚡no chitchat
⚡no alcohol/subs

Free yourself! Own it! Be it!
Together we are one ❤️

18:30 doors open
START 19:00 Full Moon Cacao* Ceremony
19:30 Couple Positive LIVE
22:15 Closing ceremony

Please be on time! This is one big Ceremony of love and unity!

Do you feel the call to join this love tribe?

Come as you are, flow as you want, become everything that’s roaring inside you!

*We serve Wão Cacao from El Salvador.
Cacao ceremonies are an age-old ritual, originating from Central and South America. They are meant to connect with the divine. And that's not all: the ceremony not only allows you to connect with your intuition, your hart and your inner wisdom, but brings a whole range of benefits.

❤️💛free water/thee/snacks/fruit
❤️💛free parking
❤️💛send me a message if you need some lovebudget to join this tribe🥰
❤️💛 no refunds after 🙏🏻
🍫🔥 cacao is an option. Cacao can cause complications when combined with pregnancy, breastfeeding and other medications.


Wednesday 24 April 2024 van 19:00 tot 22:30

Buiksloterkerkpad 10, 1034 VZ Amsterdam, Nederland

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Over de organisatie

“Spiritueel reizen in de magie van de maan! ”

Where we are the Moon & the magic! Free wild tribe Amsterdam MAANKARAVAAN - ecstatic full moon ceremony


Noah Fernandes

MAANKARAVAAN-Psychedelic Edition-Breathwork-LiveMusic-BMI Goes INDIA

It was fun! This was my first ecstatic dance ceremony, and I thought it was really fun. Felt like a safe space to just be myself and jump around. Respectful crowd. It was a live psytrance group of musicians, which was cool, though I longed for a little more variety in their style of music. Psytrance can be quite varied, and I wish the band would incorporate more styles into their set list. Having said that, I had super fun and would go again.

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Ed Koevoet

MAANKARAVAAN-Psychedelic Edition-Breathwork-LiveMusic-BMI Goes INDIA

Fantastische locatie, mooie verlichting, super geluid, prachtig publiek en een geweldig programma Deze keer de hele avond live muziek, intens genoten ❤️

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Saya Videler

MAANKARAVAAN-Psychedelic Edition-Breathwork-LiveMusic-BMI Goes INDIA

Moest even wennen in het begin. Maar daarna zo heerlijk gedanst en mooie connecties gevoeld❣️Dank

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Full Moon

Included cacao ceremony, live music and the queen of ecstatic dance!

€ 35,50
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Late Full Moon

Included cacao ceremony, live music and the queen of ecstatic dance!

€ 38,50
Including service fee
SPECIAL: Love this moon tribe!

Included cacao ceremony, live music and the queen of ecstatic dance!

€ 28,50
Including service fee
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MAANKARAVAAN-Full Moon Cacao Ceremony-Couple Positive-ESTA POLYESTA

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