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Try - Out Monday: Kashmir Yoga by Johan

Monday 20 November 2023 van 19:00 tot 21:30

Staalweg, 2612 KK Delft, Nederland

Over dit evenement

Every first Monday of the month there is Try-out Monday! (This month we had two) Anyone who is excited to share something they love is welcome to Share it at Try-out Monday.

This time we have Johan who is sharing: Kashmir Yoga!

In this session we stay in the present moment by slowing down. Our main attention may initially be either on the breath, sounds and the physical body. As we go deeper we may also experience more of the silence, the subtle energy body, the spaciousness without and within and also the awareness itself.
During the session we have our eyes closed to have all of our awareness available for the inner worlds.

We have the opportunity to experience ourselves more deeply by turning the attention inwards and entering into meditative states by:
- practicing body awareness
- revitalising through conscious and deep breathing
- becoming aware of our subtle energy body using meditative movements of the physical body
- practicing yoga asanas to make space in our bodies for the energy to flow through

Our attention is primarily with Being. Allowing our bodies to move without any predefined image or forced control. Just Being completely relaxed with ourselves in whatever state we can experience in the here and now.

Please bring a warm blanket for the final relaxation!

19:00 - Arrive
19:30 - Start Yoga
21:00 - Silence / Sharing / Tea
21:30 - go home

This event is part of REGENERΔTE. We are a community in Delft that organizes events to provide a new generation tools for more relaxation, peace and fun! Our events are down to earth and focus on being complete and satisfied in the here and now. “Together we regenerate our bodies, minds and souls!”

Monday 20 November 2023 van 19:00 tot 21:30

Staalweg, 2612 KK Delft, Nederland

Over de organisatie

“Events that REGENERATE the soul”

REGENERΔTE organizes concious events to regenerate the body mind and soul


Louise Rose

REGENERΔTE - Monthly Singing Circle winter edition

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Qigong Essentials by Figo

Figo is een fijne instructeur met veel kennis en enthousiasme, heel veel ervaring met Qi Gong dat merk je aan alles. Goed geregeld was een mooie avond. Mvgr Hans Lepelaar

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REGENERΔTE - Monthly Singing Circle November

Wat een fijne, veilige, warme setting is er neergezet. Met als afsluiting een semi-spontane sharing, waar gedeeld werd over hoop, liefde en verbroedering. Dankjewel!

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Try - Out Monday: Kashmir Yoga by Johan

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