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Ecstatic Dance Leuven *DJ Michael*

Wednesday 06 December 2023 van 19:00 tot 22:15

Hogeschool UCLL - Campus Hertogstraat, Hertogstraat 178, 3001 Leuven, België

Over dit evenement

We are happy to welcome you to a new edition of Ecstatic Dance Leuven!

*Wednesday 6 decembre 2023*
DJ Michael
Ceremony by

Come as you are
Move however you wish
We dance barefeet, drink only water, and don't talk on the dancefloor.
We come together to open our hearts, move our bodies, connect, express and transform...

Ticketlink: 15-20-25 euro on hipsy

Sliding Scale: 20-25 (cash) at the door
Feel free to give according your financial possibilities.

A unique dance experience, guided by music and sounds. We go on exploration, dare to be vulnerable and gently push our boundaries.
There are three simple basic guidelines to ED: "No shoes. No booze. No chitchat." So we come together connecting our bare feet to the earth, purely communicating through our bodies, and celebrating life in all its aspects!
We welcome you exactly as you are now! So you are entirely free to follow your own needs during the dance.
Each ED starts and ends with a ceremony in which we make time and space to connect with ourselves, the others, the space, the vibrations, our intentions and the larger ED tribe. This opening is guided, and leads you into the dance.
The concept of ED arose about 25 years ago in Hawaii and California, went around the world and has grown extensively over the years, weekly touching many hearts and bodies all over the world.

▬▬▬▬▬ ★ PROGRAM ★ ▬▬▬▬▬

19:00 Doors are open, you are welcome to warm up & stretch (in silence)!
19:30 Opening Ceremony by
19:45 Doors closed. Please be on time!
20:00 Ecstatic Dance with DJ Michael
22:00 Closing Ceremony by

*** To find location ***

Gebruik best de parking van HHH (Heilig Hart Instituut Heverlee) via de Hertogstraat 178. Achter kinderdagverblijf ‘Het Wit Konijntje’ rechts inrijden.
Dan de trapjes af, speelplaats lagere school HHH oversteken en dan het wegje links nemen richting de boerderij.

Op het einde van de weg ligt de spiegelzaal op je linkerkant.
It is best to use the HHH (Heilig Hart Instituut Heverlee) parking lot via the Hertogstraat 178.
Turn right behind daycare center 'Het Wit Konijntje'.
Then go down the stairs, cross the playground HHH primary school and then take the small road to the left towards the farm.
At the end of the road, the 'Spiegelzaal' is on your left.

Find us at Telegram: t.me/ecstaticdanceleuven

You want to join the mailinglist with monthly updates? Send us a request at

See you on the dancefloor 😍🥰

Wednesday 06 December 2023 van 19:00 tot 22:15

Hogeschool UCLL - Campus Hertogstraat, Hertogstraat 178, 3001 Leuven, België

Over de organisatie

“Breathe, Move, Express, Transform.”

Sinds 2016 organiseren we Ecstatic Dance in Leuven, België. Nuchter, blote voeten, zonder woorden, helemaal jezelf zijn en dansend tot jezelf komen.


Lena Van der Bruggen

Ecstatic Dance Leuven *DJ Heidi*

De eerste maar zeker niet de laatste keer. Zalig! Ik kom terug.

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Alexander Cornet

Ecstatic Dance Leuven *DJ Ben Chi* Midwinter Edition

Mijn eerste ervaring met ecstatic dance en ik ben helemaal verkocht. Nu, de dag nadien, tintel ik nog helemaal na. Tot binnenkort.

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Alexander Polak

Ecstatic Dance Leuven *DJ Michael*

Heel mooie inkleding, intrigerende afwisselende downtempo's, en zachte vloer om op te dansen 😍. Ecstatisch!! 🌀🌌💙

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Ecstatic Dance Leuven *DJ Michael*

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