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Learn Tarot 101

Friday 15 December 2023 om 10:30 tot Saturday 16 December 2023 om 15:30


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In a month you'll learn all 78 card meanings with joyful ease + do regular intuitive tarot readings. Just like a pro.

This course is meant for tarot beginners to learn all card meanings and begin regular tarot reading!

- 30 day's of daily challenges for tarot reading (15-30min. a day);
- 2 live video trainings of 1,5 hour with a professional Tarot Reader at 19:00 (30th of November and 14th of December, meetings are recorded if you can't make it);
- building a daily practice to learn tarot meanings;
- filled with tarot cheat-sheets for all 78 tarot cards;
- covers ALL Tarot essentials for beginners;
- support in a private group.

❕Disclaimer! This course will teach you not only Tarot Reading, but also how to connect to your intuition and become more confident in your self, your truth!

Full description of the course:

Linda is a professional Tarot Reader and Teacher with 5+ years of experience. Has led 5 long term courses and more shorter ones, that changed tarot beginners into professional readers.
She became a Tarot Reader when her own 1st teacher asked to do a reading for her. Linda has had 3 tarot teachers herself and she keeps on investing in her own growth.

🃏She reads tarot cards intuitively, thus she'll teach you how to activate and strengthen your connection to your own inner voice with the help of tarot.

Any questions?
E-mail tarotmysteriestribe@gmail.com or find me on social media @lindasmysteries

Over de organisatie

“For your blissful growth!”

Spirituality brought harmony and bliss to my existence - now I pass it forward ❤️‍🔥 Balance is my way!



Tarot Reading Club - new season

I love the meetings in the Tarot Club. It allows me to share my journey with the cards in a safe space and learn from the rest of the group's experiences. We also get to do a small spread for ourselves, that I always enjoy!! 😊💟

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Roxanna Kudhail

Tarot Reading Club - new season

I have completed two sessions of this tarot class, which has been informative, supportive and challenges me to connect to my cards in different ways. The group is amazing and Linda is a great anchor. She keeps us focused and encourages our individuality as readers.

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Sarah Nkobo

Learn Tarot 101 course - for beginners

Linda is an amazing teacher with an personalised approach and the will to share while leaving space for your own intuition.

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Learn Tarot 101

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