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Cacao & Kundalini activation

Monday 04 December 2023 van 18:30 tot 21:30

Groningen, Nederland

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Cacao & Kundalini Activation
7 spots

On this evening we will combine the magic of kundalini activation with the magic of cacao to allow you to open up to your True Self and your heart and to let your life force energy flow more freely. This involves a process of expansion of consciousness, surrender, and self-realisation. Afterwards you may feel more free, alive, energized, empowered, aligned and/or relaxed.

We will start the evening with an opening circle and intention setting, followed by a cacao ceremony. Ceremonial cacao is much more than just chocolate. It is a soft and gentle heart-opening drink. The cacao and the guided ceremony may help you to turn inside and open up to a deeper connection with yourself, your heart, and your life force energy. And it may help you to surrender more deeply and softly into the kundalini activation. This way you are gently brought into the process of transforming what wants to be transformed and growing or opening in those areas where you need it.

The kundalini activation is a soft but powerful transmission of pure energy which will resonate with your kundalini energy. It may resolve blockages in your system that limit the flow of your energy. It may also release trauma and stagnant energy, raise your vibration, and help you to access higher states of awareness.

The activation is an individual process during which you will lie down on a mat, with music playing in the background. And you are welcomed and guided to surrender into the experience. What you could experience includes but is not limited to: waves of emotions that may be released, shaking or other types of movement of the body, the impulse to make sounds. We welcome you to follow your impulses. You are free to move, dance, sit or lay down. We invite you to bring a power object (something that helps you to feel empowered or supported) and your willingness to surrender.

What the activation can do and what you experience can differ per person, depending on various factors, including the extent to which your kundalini has been activated and what you are ready for. Just know that anything is possible and anything can happen, but nothing needs to. It is not about what happens in the activation, but the shifts in experiencing your daily life.

After this event you may notice a bigger sensitivity to life. If the releases where big it's needed to have a good integration time. We provide some aftercare, you can text or call, but ask you to understand the depth of this opening up to cacao and kundalini and now some about your processes to embody this experience.
Make sure you understand well and feel a deep YES and willingness to go into.

If you feel this is for you, we look forward to welcoming you @ The Womb, Ymke's sacred space. 18:30-21:30 (inloop 18:15) Cortinghlaan 33, Groningen.
Bring: Intention & object. Wear: comfortable cloths and no perfume

And if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and ask away!
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With Love,

Monday 04 December 2023 van 18:30 tot 21:30

Groningen, Nederland

Over de organisatie

“Tantra is about truly loving and embracing all of life. OSHO”

Tantra cursussen, workshops en retraites l Tantric Ropes (Healing Shibari) l Tantramassage l Kundalini activatie l Sacred Sexuality.


Floortje Van der Hart

KUNDALINI bodywork en dearmouring EDUCATIEDAG. Groningen

Wat een onvergetelijke dag, waarin licht en duister met elkaar mochten dansen. Mijn intentie om alles toe te laten en te laten stromen, werd een manier om te uiten en mijn stem weer te omarmen. Devotie, eerbied en dankbaarheid!

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Bastian Stroot

KUNDALINI bodywork en dearmouring EDUCATIEDAG. Groningen

Een fijne en veilige omgeving. Nuchtere kijk. Goede begeleiding. Voor mij als zeer waardevol ervaren. Een andere manier om laagjes van te pellen....vol energie weet thuis.... aanrader!!! Tnx♥️

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~Art of Touch and Rope: Exploring Emotional Intimacy through Shibari

The day after.....pfff wat een intense ervaring onder leiding van Marco en Ymke. Zo mooi hoe ik die connectie met mezelf hebt kunnen vinden dat veel verder ging dan het touw als middel tot. Wat verstaan zij het creëren van een safe space, je kunnen helpen tot de diepste lagen van jezelf door te dringen, ontzettend goed! De link kink, bdsm dat hiermee geassocieerd wordt is teniet gedaan doordat zij dit kunstvorm vereeren als een oppermachtige verbinding met jezelf en een ander mèt intentie...puur. ❤️❤️

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Cacao & Kundalini activation

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