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Documentary KIVA | The Call of the Wisdom Keepers + music/dialogue

Monday 09 October 2023 van 19:00 tot 21:00

Cinecenter, Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 10, 1017 PH Amsterdam, Nederland

Over dit evenement

KIVA | The Call of the Wisdom Keepers
'A Message from the Indigenous Peoples'

Unique KIVA-documentary evening with special music and a dialogue on reconnecting with nature and our European Roots

A film by Marijke Kodden & Jaap Verhoeven.
Produced by Marijke Kodden & Rakinah Buttner

Programme of the evening:
1. Film screening of the KIVA documentary
2. Four Inspiring guest speakers:
* Annemarie Semeijn - Ancient Medicine
* Michelle Sutherland - Arbonne / Social Enterprice Scotland
* KIVA Elders Philip and Theresia van der Zee + music
(see all bio's below)

Synopsis documentary:
In 1968, medicine man Raymundo Tigre Perez (Mexico/USA) had a vision. He saw indigenous Wisdom Keepers from all over the world united in a circular pit - with a fire in the heart - performing a ceremony. A spiritual ceremony for the earth, for peace and well-being of all living beings. Only later did he discover that this was a KIVA, an ancient ceremony already used by the Anasazi 3000 years ago. Hundreds of native Wisdom Keepers answered his call and these KIVA ceremonies have been taking place around the world for more than 30 years. The KIVA ceremony is a collective call from the entire indigenous population: they have never lost touch with nature and with their ancient wisdom they can lead us to a more connected and sustainable way of life!

In this documentary we get a unique view of the KIVA ceremony, where indigenous Wisdom Keepers gather around a sacred fire and express their love via prayers, ancient rituals, songs and dance. But they also share their concern about the care for Mother Nature and humanity! Because of the moving prayers and the impressive conversations with the Wisdom Keepers – the viewer is invited to reflect upon how to heal our relationship with the Earth. ‘Because she is crying and is calling her children home!’

And so the Wisdom Keepers carry out their final call through KIVA ceremonies all over the world. At the same time they bring healing and solutions through their ancient rituals, prayers and indigenous wisdom.

The filmmakers:
Marijke Kodden started filming at the unique KIVA ceremonies in the Netherlands in 2018 and traveled to the KIVA ceremonies in Mexico, India and back to KIVA Holland in 2019. Many Wisdom Keepers were interviewed and together with best friend Rakinah Buttner and Jaap Verhoeven (who they are involved in) they have made a hopeful documentary, showing us how to heal our relationship with the earth!

To get a first impression, here a short aftermovie of KIVA Mexico: https://youtu.be/tkcyMX9g1B

Special Guestspeakers:

“From general practitioner to (wounded) healer.”
She was originally a general practitioner, but her own search for transformation and healing has completely changed her life. Especially when she came into contact with ancient wisdom from Peru. This has given her view of illness and health even more shape and foundation. And the gates to our own inner wisdom, which we all have within us, are opened. This way she could take steps that she felt she wanted to take. And guide people in a different way. Now she has set up a platform for Ancient Medicine in addition to her own practice.
To make that wisdom visible together and allow it to blossom. To remind us that there is a healer, day-wisdom & earthkeeper in all of us. Ready to be kissed awake!

In 2009 Michelle started her “side hustle” with Arbonne: a Social Marketing B Corporation who specialise in empowering people to flourish through sustainable healthy living. Michelle reached the top 1% of Arbonne consultants in 2018 and is an extremely proud National Vice President.
In the middle of the lockdown in June 2020, Michelle asked herself what more she could do for her community and our planet.. that is when Definitii was founded and born! It is a purpose driven change consultancy & social enterprise, with the double mission of:
1. empowering people & businesses to make the change to become B Corporations and
2. educating young people how to be for the greater good through Social Entrepreneurship & B Corp.

She is also a meditation and breathwork teacher and dancer.

Philip is part of the Kiva family since 2017, representing our ancestral European roots in the sacred space, close to the heart of the Kiva ceremony. Philip Aswind is a storyteller specialised in Germanic/Nordic and Celtic mythology. His spiritual journey started back in '86, taking part and organising indigenous Earth-ceremonies, active in both cultural and spiritual disciplines. Philip was present as elder/ wisdomkeeper at the Kiva in Holland 3x, Mexico 3 x, Kumbha Mela India and Germany 3x. In the documentary you can hear him play the Flamish bagpipes.

Theresia had a special connection to the beings of the natural world. When she was young, she met an Irish old Bard who told her she is” one of the Fae people”. And that she should not forget to share the wisdom and energy of the Fae with people nowadays.

Monday 09 October 2023 van 19:00 tot 21:00

Cinecenter, Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 10, 1017 PH Amsterdam, Nederland

Over de organisatie

Sparkle Eye Photography, Film and Design inspires to reconnect with the magic of nature, people and regenerative communities

Sparkle Eye


Mirjam Marquart

Documentary KIVA | The Call of the Wisdom Keepers+ muziek+sprekers

Ik was er met mijn moeder en stiefvader en dat was op zich al bijzonder. Verder vond ik het een ontroerende documentaire door wijze mensen die rituelen uitvoeren voor de aarde

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Bianca Koomen

KIVA | The Call of the Wisdom Keepers + dialogue: Youth at the Centre

Superfijn om de verbinding te voelen die er is, tussen mensen en culturen, natuur, over en in de wereld. Moeder aarde roept ons tot vreedzame actie en verbinding.

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Nara VML Van den Broeck

KIVA | The Call of the Wisdom Keepers + dialogue: Youth at the Centre

Prachtige docu. Heeft me nog meer in contact gebracht met natuur, aarde, menselijke authenticiteit. Ben voor de Q&A vertrokken omdat ik erg moe was en ik de sprekers na de docu deels wat langdradig vond, maar ook niet altijd goed kon horen.

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Documentary KIVA | The Call of the Wisdom Keepers + music/dialogue

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