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Sound Journey with Nkosenathi Ernie Koela

Saturday 07 October 2023 van 18:00 tot 21:00

MAHARA Holistic Lifestyle, De Clercqstraat 123HS, 1053 AK Amsterdam, Nederland

Over dit evenement

We are inviting you for a very special evening with music and vibrations from beyond.

This sound bath will enable a stage of meditation, and vibration with South African indigenous dreamscapes to channel the energy of the elders and guides for calm and re-alignment.

Nkosenathi Ernie Koela (@Mntana_WeXhwele) is a Ph.D candidate specializing in indigenous
music therapies at the University of Cape Town. Koela’s Trans-disciplinary practice
encompasses being an Afrikan indigenous Sound medium, Artist, Specialist and Teacher. Koela
as an Instrument maker and multi-instrumentalist, explores how healing practices through sound,
creates space that manifests spiritually and materially. Koela has been a performer and
instrumentalist for over 18 years and plays multitude of indigenous instruments from around the
world. He also teaches others how to make and play traditional instruments with strong emphasis
on the instruments h’story, spiritual significance and importance.

Koela is a co-founder of Kwasukesukela Arts Collective, has worked with the ICA,  Bridges for
Music Academy, lectured at SACM University of Cape Town, Stellenbosch University &  Music
School of UFRN Brazil, teaches music at Beautiful Gate in Phillipi, worked with Msaki, lelive
(Amanda Du Pont), Brett Bailey,Iman Person, Platoon fm, Imiso ceramics Sethembile
Msezane, Andile Dyalvane and Southern Guild Gallery. Koela has  toured  around  Africa and
the world as a teacher and performer. Most importantly he has worked to retain the ancient song-
line of Africa. By being a cultural custodian of African indigenous knowledge systems and
sound technology.

Saturday 07 October 2023 van 18:00 tot 21:00

MAHARA Holistic Lifestyle, De Clercqstraat 123HS, 1053 AK Amsterdam, Nederland

Over de organisatie

“"Community is the 'new' Currency!"”

Mahara is an a heartfelt place within the city, a green oasis where people come together and truly meet. A warm nest, a home where everyone is welcome



Sham-A-Mystic Blue Lotus Ceremony

Heerlijk, warm bad. Echt een treat for your self. Michelle weet met haar plek zo'n fijne omgeving te creëren. Echt een aanrader als je een steuntje in de rug nodig hebt, iets nieuws wilt ervaren of een moment voor jezelf. Love it!

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Maroussia Tyl

Sham-a-Mystic Mahara's ceremony

Magical experience. It truely lifts up your spirit. Normally in everyday life we don’t take the time to sit down with ourselves and listen to what is inside. This is a wonderful time to work on yourself and connect. Michelle did a wonderful ceremony. Its taking place in the yard which feels out of this world.

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Tonny Van driel

Holistic Haircuts One Day retreat

prachtige ervaring, nog meer bewustwording wat voor magie onze handen in de wereld brengen , en hartverwarmend hoe Michelle het je laat doorvoelen dank je wel

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Sound Journey with Nkosenathi Ernie Koela

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