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Shine - Women's Truffle Ceremony & Sound Healing Journey

Sunday 04 June 2023 van 11:00 tot 17:00

Amsterdam, Nederland

Over dit evenement

Dance into summer's embrace – a time when the sun's radiance bestows upon us the gift of growth and awakens our passion for life. Amidst cascading sunbeams, we witness nature flourish, unfolding a tapestry of inspiration. Each enticing moment sparks within us the irresistible urge to explore the boundless world in playful reverie and revelry.

WOOP invites you to our next sacred gathering to experience the power of plant medicines and sound in an intentional setting. Join us in a safe and supported space for women, in a beautiful and natural location in Amsterdam.

Reconnect with your Self. Recognise and release unwanted patterns. Rediscover your freedom of expression. Reignite your passion.


The facilitators are Jessika Lagarde and Tian Daphne, co-founders of WOOP, and Wei Ting Woo of InnerAlchemist. They will help you prepare beforehand, support you through the ceremony, and help you integrate your experience after.

Embody the power of the sun and reveal the celestial glow that lies within.
Embrace your unique imbued with love, purpose, and infinite possibilities.
Allow yourself to shine with unwavering brilliance and become a beacon for others.

The medicine provided is legally obtained from a reputable truffle farm in the Netherlands. Light snacks and refreshments will be provided.

+ Facilitators +
Wei Ting Woo is an integrative counselor, hypnotherapist & sound healer experienced in guiding ceremonies. In her work, she bridges the conscious and the subconscious world. She guides you to uncover what is hidden under the surface, break through patterns, discover your unique qualities and to strengthen your intuition.

Jessika Lagarde is a psychedelic-assisted medicine facilitator and integration coach, Women On Psychedelics' co-founder, and educator in the psychedelic space. Jessika is an experienced facilitator and works with women growing through life transitions and offers legal and supported private and group ** sessions in Amsterdam.

Tian Daphne is a sound healer, facilitator, writer, and co-founder of Women On Psychedelics. Serendipitous encounters brought her into the incredible world of fungi and plant medicines, initiating a journey of discovery, learning, and deep healing. She works with the voice to bring about self-love and acceptance.

+ Testimonials +
“It was a wonderful and magical experience for me. Together with my mom I went on this journey and ended up having great insights and feeling connected with the universe. I felt safe and supported being guided by your presence, practices, beautiful voices, sounds and music. It’s an experience I will never forget. Grateful!” - Anja, 41

“I attended the ceremony out of curiosity. I had never experienced psychedelics in a group setting before and felt the facilitators did an excellent job of providing all the essential information before the ceremony, guidance during the ceremony and grounding after the ceremony. I can definitely recommend this day retreat for women who want to explore psychedelics in a safe environment. Thank you to the facilitators and women who joined, I had a really special day!” - Anonymous

Sunday 04 June 2023 van 11:00 tot 17:00

Amsterdam, Nederland

Over de organisatie

Integrative Counseling | Hypnotherapy | Systemic work | Sound Healing

InnerAlchemist | Wei Ting Woo

In samenwerking met

Women On Psychedelics



Bloom - Women's Truffle Ceremony & Sound Healing Journey

This was a very well organised ceremony. I felt very prepared in advance of the day and extremely safe and held during the ceremony. The facilitators were amazing and did everything to make it a special and sacred experience.

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Shine - Women's Truffle Ceremony & Sound Healing Journey

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