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Dymphi Peeters & Ecstatic Dance Band Dragonfly - Roermond

Saturday 03 December 2022 van 19:00 tot 22:30

Ursulakapel, Voogdijstraat 24, 6041 GD Roermond, Nederland

Over dit evenement

Welcome to this special edition of Ecstatic Dance Roermond with Dymphi Peeters & live band Dragonfly,

"Let yourself be amazed by the magic of intuitive music!

Live performed world music by professional musicians, who are creating from the heart. Every note is improvised, created on the spot inspired by the Ecstatic Dance community. Ecstatic Dance is a free movement space in which dance expands, spirit activates and beauty flows. As a community we are connected the whole time, even if we dance by ourselves."

Ecstatic Dance is a free form of dance-workout, very pure and simple and therefore so powerful and transforming. To create a save and sacred environment we follow a few basic but important guidelines.

We commit ourselves to:
* No speaking or communicating in spoken language, the entire room is a non-speaking area,
* We dance and move barefoot in our own unique way,
* We respect ourselves and others without the use of alcohol or drugs.

About Dragonfly

We are Dragonfly and we love Ecstatic Dance and because our music is entirely improvised we can be in direct contact with the dancers. They move to our music, we react to their movements. Energy rises and together we reach great climaxes and the experience of a natural trance. Then we rest, cry, laugh. And start building new climaxes again. All without words. Just sounds and movements, musicians and dancers.

Dymphi Peeters – African Kora, Vocals, Flute
Terence Samson – Percussion
Boudine van Slobbe – Percussion, Hang
Freek Zwanenberg – Piano, Keyboard
Lex Pantelic - Guitar, Tanbor, Greek Baglama

Genre: Live Intuitive World Music from the heart for Ecstatic Dancing, Improvised music, Vocal Improvisation, Sounds & percussive ritms, Dynamic mixed atmospheres: uplifting followed by calm music, or vice versa, alternately ecstatic, wild, calm, melodious and moving.

Program (might change slightly)
19.00 Doors open
19:30 Opening-ceremony,
Please note that the door will be locked at 19.30, so be on time!
20.00 Start Ecstatic Dance
22.00 Closing-circle

* Wear comfortable clothes in which you can move freely, take into account that you will sweat and take care of good hygiene,
* Returning tickets once purchased is not possible. No refunds will be made unless the event is canceled by the organization,
* Leave your valuables at home as much as possible. We keep the dancefloor free from personal belongings so that we can literally leave the worries and distractions of everyday life outside the room,
* We do our very best to guarantee your safety, but we would like to point out that participation is entirely at your own risk.
* We will serve organic tea, please bring your own water bottle!

We dance at the beautiful Ursulakapel in Roermond. A very unique venue with a lovely wooden dancefloor that definitely adds up to the Ecstatic Dance experience. The location is at walking distance from the trainstation (8 min). You can park your car at Wilhelminaplein (6041 CE Roermond), payed parking only till 20.00h. As always we encourage carpooling.

Looking forward to meet you on our dancefloor!

Saturday 03 December 2022 van 19:00 tot 22:30

Ursulakapel, Voogdijstraat 24, 6041 GD Roermond, Nederland

Over de organisatie

We facilitate Ecstatic Dance and dance related events in the south or middle region of our beautiful province Limburg (NL).



Ecstatic Dance Roermond - Caroline S’Jegers

Wat een mooie locatie! Ik zal alleen maar voor locatie van Heerlen naar Roermond rijden. Zo anders dan locatie in Cultuurhuis in Heerlen. Veel meer sfeer 🥰 Ook mijn complimenten voor de dj Caroline. We hebben genoten. Dank je wel!

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Ron Burgmans

Ecstatic Dance Roermond - Caroline S’Jegers

Heerlijke sfeer om tot jezelf te komen. I love it ❤️

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Rosemarie Paulussen

Ecstatic Dance Roermond - Caroline S’Jegers

Music is vibration. Vibration is energy. I've been listening to music, and watching people's reaction to it for almost all my life. What I've heard and seen yesterday has blown my mind. I officially declare Caroline a witch, in the positive way :-). I never heard such a powerfull E.D. set before. I think Caroline has an exceptional gift in finding and playing powerfull complex music that touches the attendees in a deep and profound way. Turning pain into hope, anger into energy, love into compassion. Knowing exactly when to create tention and when to loosen up. I was stunned by the energy created. I'm officially a fan now :-). The music, and the surroundings ( a dance in a church), made this journey exceptional. Gratitude, admiration & Love. Walter

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Dymphi Peeters & Ecstatic Dance Band Dragonfly - Roermond

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