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The Äventyr

Spirited Wellness Experiences for the Adventurous Soul; The Breathing Circle, Yoga Retreats, and other wellbeing experience.


Over deze organisatie

The Äventyr is an experience based wellness company; creating and curating events and retreats for individuals and businesses, that are ideal for connection, mindfulness and relaxation.
Inspire to be active, or take time to replenish. Slow down and simplify as we strip away the confining layers of society and bring you back to the source, just as Mother Nature intended.

The Breathing Circle;
Liberate your breath and invigorate your body while connecting with like-minded people as we take time to breathe deep and appreciate the moment.

The Breathing Circle is a bi-weekly event hosted every other Sunday at 7:30pm at a secret location in Amsterdam, where we come together as a community to strengthen our immunity with breath work techniques and become empowered mentally with meditation, finishing off with tea and conversation.

Pranayama, Yoga Retreats, Authentic Relating, Breath Work, Ademwerk, Adem Circle, Verbonden Adem, Circular Breathing, Holotropic, Rebirthing, Rebirth, Satsang, Sharing Circle, Breathwork, Adem werk, Wim Hof Method, WHM.

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“The entire Universe resides inside you.”

Evenementen van The Äventyr

Sunday, 02 Apr. om 19:30
The Breathing Circle (Breathwork)
The Äventyr
Sunday, 16 Apr. om 19:30
The Breathing Circle (Breathwork)
The Äventyr
Sunday, 07 May. om 12:00
Sound, Breath & Body Retreat Ibiza (Yoga & Breathwork)
The Äventyr
Meerdaagse retraites Klankreis-Soundbath Yoga

Dit zeggen anderen over
The Äventyr

The Breathing Circle (Breathwork / Ademwerk)

Super warm and cozy setting, small circle creating an intimate atmosphere. Good music, Brittany’s soft guidance and Tibetan bowls sounds, all made it a very good experience. Thanks!

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20 February 2023 om 09:55
Daniëlla De Campos
The Breathing Circle (Intensive Circular Breathing Edition)

Loved the breathing circle. It was a beautiful experience, something I haven’t experienced before. Thank you for creating a safe space for us and the talk before and after.

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14 February 2023 om 10:06
The Breathing Circle (Breathwork)

Heel fijne en knusse omgeving om voor het eerst een breathwork sessie te doen. Goede begeleiding in een klein groep met oog voor persoonlijke aandacht en guidance. Zou het zeker nog een keer doen!

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23 January 2023 om 10:09
Sagar Sawuck
The Breathing Circle

This was a refreshing experience in a safe space. Our hosts were very accommodating, creating a space where it felt safe to share and connect. The breathing exercises were well guided, accompanied by music. Highly recommend this!

Note the snacks after the session were a nice addition to!

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10 January 2023 om 13:32
Sara Van Eerden
The Breathing Circle

The two hosts of this experience were very loving and welcoming.The setting was in a homely environment so made you relaxed before starting. It was very personal and there was room for talk and sharing experience.The session itself gave me a deep state of relaxation.I would definitely like to come back again.

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09 January 2023 om 14:27

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