Evenementen van SoulSeductress

Saturday 29 June 2024 van 13:30 tot 22:30
The LAST Conscious StripClub - Polarity Play
Tantra Sensuele Dans Dansworkshop

The Conscious Str!pClub - Polarity Play ~ All gender edition Do you want to bring ALL of you into connection?...

Saturday 27 July 2024 van 13:00 tot 22:30
EverAfter Temple Arts - Temple of Play
Playfulness Tantra Tempel

- When is the last time you laughed untill you cried? - Are there enough pockets of play in your adult life?...

Friday 13 September 2024 om 19:00 tot Friday 27 September 2024 om 22:30
Conscious Lapdance Course ~ Sensuality Embodied
Tantra Dansen in verbinding Sensuele Dans

~ Do you long to bring ALL of you into connection? ~ Would you like to radiate from a space of deep self-worth...

Saturday 28 September 2024 van 13:00 tot 22:30
The Temple of Archetypes
Tantra Conscious Sexuality Authentic Relating

T e m p l e O f A r c h e t y p e s ~ A mini version of our longer journey" The Temple of Life". Take advant...

Wednesday 09 October 2024 om 19:00 tot Wednesday 27 November 2024 om 20:30
Temple of Life: a community journey to embody your shadow & sensuality
Tantra Conscious Sexuality Persoonlijke Ontwikkeling

Welcome be_LOVE_d to the Temple of Life, A community journey to embody your shadow and sensuality “When it...