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Mischievious Gatherings

This is a small organization facilitating events that aim to provide an accessible space for personal growth through playful practices.


Evenementen van Mischievious Gatherings

Tuesday, 23 Jul. om 18:00
Mischievious Photography Gathering
Mischievious Gatherings
Conscious Sexuality

Over de organisatie

Mischievious Gatherings

We are an initiative that aims to create accessible gatherings where everyone is invited to experiment and discover through playful, sensual and loving co-creation.

The main events are somewhere in between a workshop and a play party in vibe. There will be time and space for free play, but every evening will have some group moments with the aim to create a connected feeling for the evening.

We thrive by living the following principles:

Open mindedness
Radical Inclusion
The celebration of love
Personal growth
Emotional wellness
Playing without the influence of drugs and alcohol

During the gatherings we create a space to playfully indulge in some of the more mischievious aspects of life, while maintaining a safe and respectful atmosphere. Generally there will always be space for intimate kinds of play. But we also try to give every evening a different theme/flavor.

We ask everyone to adhere to the following guidelines:

- Consent is sacred (check in regularly.)
- If you don’t know, go slow. When trying new things please take reversibility into account.
- Be discreet, mindful and intentional when talking. (If chatter becomes to loud we will make a shhh sound to remind everyone keeping the volume low)
- No intoxication
- No photos (preferably no phones at all if possible)
- leave the space cleaner than how you found it
- Respect the room, the space, the guidelines, the people and especially yourself.

The main events are semi-private, which means in this case that in general people that want to join have to be part of the Mischievious Gatherings group. All events also have some spots for people that are not in this group. For these we use the buddy system, which means that they have to be taken by someone that is in the group, and that person will be responsible (emotionally and practically) for the guest during the event. If you like to take someone, please send Kozy a DM to ask if it is possible.

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Mischievious Gatherings

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Reviews van Mischievious Gatherings

Yvette Vrijmoed
Tea & Shibari "A journey through art and connection"

A truly mesmerizing experience, the tea ceremony combined with breathtaking performances. So intimate to witness, bathing in the energy that was created by the interplay of all aspects of the evening. Subtle, nourishing and inspiring.

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26 June 2024 om 20:02
Denys Dubinin
Tea & Shibari "A journey through art and connection"

Everything was nice, but tea cups could be bigger

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26 June 2024 om 10:53
Tea & Shibari "A journey through art and connection"

Absolutely breathtaking! Tea ceremony was beautiful to experience and I felt grounded in focusing on different aspects of the process. Each shibari performance was unique and still intertwined with the themes of human connection and beauty of care and surrender.

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26 June 2024 om 10:27
David Calvo
Mischievious play fight gathering

I’d give 10 hearts if I could! FUN. LIBERATION. EXPRESSSION. A million words can describe this event, but they’d still fall short to express how amazing this is!

Only solution… come TRY!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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05 June 2024 om 14:34
Ariana Lara Norcia
Mischievious play fight gathering

Always love all the gatherings! I left the event feeling deeply alive and recharged.

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05 June 2024 om 11:50
Mischievious play fight gathering

Great events with super friendly atmosphere. A special place where experience authentic connections and alternative lifestyles

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05 June 2024 om 10:26
Ariana Lara Norcia
"The Dreamer" play party

Best cozy gatherings ❤️ Always organized with care & heart for community. And I love the people this attracts.

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29 May 2024 om 09:48
Nico Kars
Mischievious rope gathering

The space was held beautifully. I felt safe and free. It was very easy to play and experiment with different people.

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22 May 2024 om 10:22