Available API's

Hipsy has a small set of API's and tools to connect data to your own website or other third party applications. Currently we provide the following API resources:

  • List Organisations - List all organisations of which the user has access to
  • List Events - List all events past and upcoming events of an specific organisation
  • List Orders - List all orders of an specific organisation

{info} Each request to one of the API endpoints should contain an API key which can be created in your Hipsy dashboard account.

We are planning to extend our API's in the future, but for now you can use these. If you need a specific kind API which we don't provide yet, please let us know by sending an email to info@hipsy.nl.

Upcoming integrations

We are planning to develop some plug-and-play integrations so you can easily to connect Hipsy to your own website or application.

  • Wordpress plugin to synchronize your events on your wordpress website
  • 'Buy tickets' button you can easily integrate on any website so you can buy tickets of an specific event.
  • Image that shows your actual Hipsy rating

If you have any ideas for more integrations or want to help, please send an email to info@hipsy.nl.