Each request to one of the API endpoints should contain an API key. You can simply create an API key in your Hipsy account. You can only access the dashboard if you registered at least one organisation.

Create a new API Key

Follow these steps to create an new API Key

  1. Login to your Hipsy Dashboard
  2. Click in the left side bar on the organisation name and click 'Koppelingen'
  3. Click on the right corner on button 'Nieuwe API key' and give your key a name.
  4. Save your API Key. Your API key is visible once!

{warning} Keep your API Key secret! Which this key you have access to data of all organisations hour account has access to.

Using your API Key

If you request an API endpoint, the key should be included in the Authorisation header as an Bearer token.

curl https://api.hipsy.nl/1.0/endpoint
   -H "Accept: application/json"
   -H "Authorization: Bearer {api-key}"