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Authentic Dating for Women (21-40) - AMSTERDAM

Sunday 02 April 2023 van 19:15 tot 22:00

de Ruimte, Weesperzijde 79A, 1091 EJ Amsterdam, Nederland

Over dit evenement

Skip the small-talk and learn how to approach other human beings in an open, authentic and playful way. Meet new amazing women and get to know them on a deeper level by connecting in a more personal and relational way. Learn how to communicate your desires and boundaries and enjoy finding out if there is a match! Here’s your chance to connect more authentically, in person, with women both like-minded and different.

Throughout this workshop, you’ll have several encounters. Each is carefully guided, inviting you to be yourself, to communicate openly and to explore multiple layers and flavors of connection. Come spark a flame or two! You will leave this evening feeling nourished, seen and connected. Who knows - you might even find yourself a new lover… or a new friend!

This Authentic Dating for Women event welcomes all women aged 21 - 40 who identify as lesbian, bi, queer or trans, as well as people who identify somewhere on a gender-fluid female-to-non-binary spectrum. While we aim to achieve an even balance of ages, this is not always possible. However, what is guaranteed are skills that you can apply to any relationship. Simply come with an open mind and ready to connect.

If you are seeking....
✨ Deep & meaningful conversations without small talky chit-chat
✨ Exciting new connections, both romantic & platonic
✨ An opportunity to explore & challenge your assumptions
✨ A substance-free environment
✨ Playful & sincere communication
✨ A space to simply be yourself
....then this event is for you!

You will be invited to explore 5 unique interactions, some of which are randomised and some of which you can choose. Each will involve a new set of instructions to help you communicate about topics that really matter to you. Each interaction will last 10-15 minutes. At the end of each interaction, you will have the opportunity to share a contact detail on a piece of paper that you will only leave once you leave the event. Consent is important: you always have the agency to choose how deep you go. You will never be forced to share information that you don't want to.

Laurie is a queer space holder from the UK. He is dedicated to enabling human-to-human relationships to arise, deepen and flourish. He has organised and facilitated over 200 Authentic Relating, Dating and Embodiment workshops in Oceania and Europe. His training includes the Authentic Life Course, the International School of Temple Arts, and the Connection Institute. His portfolio includes internationally acclaimed festivals such as Stretch, and organisations such as ART International.
His workshops have sparked thousands of nourishing connections across Oceania & Europe, turning many strangers into life-long friends. He looks forward to holding space for you!


Wies is Co-Founder of Be Touched Community. She hosts and facilitates workshops in the realms of Authentic Relating, Deep Human Connection and Intimacy. She is known for her energy, endless curiosity and enthusiasm. As a facilitator she is appreciated for her capacity to hold space for many souls at once. Wies holds a big value for inclusivity and makes people feel at ease with her warm and playful personality, while being at the same time strong, stable and secure.

She's also Co-Founder of Connective Communication (connectivecommunication.org) By implementing Communication Tools, Creative Practices and Trust Games, they bring individuals within organisations to new levels of self awareness, heightening listening and conflict skills; so that the work environment can be a place of value, connection and respect.

Below you'll find what others have said about Laurie's and Wies' events. You can also check out our reviews on Hipsy!

"This has been the most positive experience I've had in meeting genuine souls with the intention of finding love/romance for over 6 years"

"Laurie led us through a series of games and exercises that allowed us to open up and create very real bonds with others and with our own selves. Many emotions were felt in the safest, most welcoming environment"

"Authentic Dating re-opened an old window for me in a new way. Heaps of fun too! And I did meet a very special person. Highly recommend for anyone curious and keen to connect with depth & joy"

"We are still ecstatic. It was a lot of attention, affection, love and connection that we received and it is all saved in our heart”

“I wanted to say how I felt when I left: grounded, heard and loved”

For more information, check out itoiauthenticrelating.com and betouchedcommunity.com

When: April 2nd 2023 @ 7.30 PM. Doors open at 7.15 PM and will close at 7:30 PM - please be on time!
Location: De Ruimte, Weesperzijde 79A, 1091 EJ Amsterdam.
Age range: We welcome everyone who identifies as woman, aged 21 to 40. If you are a little below or above the limit but feel a strong calling to attend, please contact us.
Dress code: Whatever you feel comfortable in.
Intoxicants: This is an alcohol and drug free event. We will however provide unlimited tea as well as some nourishing snacks.

Sunday 02 April 2023 van 19:15 tot 22:00

de Ruimte, Weesperzijde 79A, 1091 EJ Amsterdam, Nederland

Over de organisatie

“Intimately connecting you to self and others”

We run connection & intimacy events for those wishing for more authenticity, more openness and limitlessness in their relationships and daily life.


Charlotte Vollaard

Connecting via Authentic Relating - AMSTERDAM

I really enjoyed the evening! The exercises helped me to connect with people I had never met on a deep level. The facilitators were great, they enabled the participants to ease into the practice and create a safe and calm space to engage in vulnerable and authentic conversations. I was very tired when I arrived, but I left with more energy and a smile :)

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Connection via Touch - AMSTERDAM

Connecting via Touch was, similar to previous editions, an enriching experience. The connections made were warm and genuine. They led to both rational insights and emotional development, experienced both individually and together. Sieta is a great facilitator (as is Wies!). Note, I found the Be Touched events in Amsterdam far more welcoming than the one I went to in Utrecht. Both the location and the facilitators make the events in Amsterdam, for me, far more welcoming.

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Sacha Van Keulen

Integrating Masculine/Feminine in Sexual Practice - UTRECHT

Thank you for organising this beautiful workshop! It was a nice combination of exploring the theory together and practical games and exercises. I loved the playful vibe during the games we did. They gave me new somatic experiences that changes something in my body. It set in motion new desires in intimacy and letting go of old stories. My body, mind and soul are still in the integration process of it. More to explore :)

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Authentic Dating for Women (21-40) - AMSTERDAM

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