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New Moon Womb Ceremony

Wednesday 02 October 2024 van 19:00 tot 22:00

EdanZ - Facilities, Van Oldenbarneveltlaan 6, 9716 EJ Groningen, Netherlands

Over dit evenement

This ceremony is a holding for women and those who have a womb to bathe in the unique energy of the new moon. Do you feel a deep, inner pull towards intuitive living and authentic connection? Whether you are familiar with wombwork or are new to this practice, this sister circle is welcoming you ground, heal and grow.

Under the nurturing energy of the new moon, we will:
🌑 Meditate to center and ground ourselves.
🌑 Dive into Wombwork to connect deeply with our intuitive power and inner wisdom.
🌑 Share in Sisterhood, creating a supportive and sacred space for our individual and collective journeys.
🌑 Reflect and set intentions for the darker times to come.

Wherever you are in your cycle, let's take time to ground, soften and let go in this safe container of sisters, guided by Helena (Psychologist, Tantra & Breathwork teacher).

Much love and warmth!

Wednesday 02 October 2024 van 19:00 tot 22:00

EdanZ - Facilities, Van Oldenbarneveltlaan 6, 9716 EJ Groningen, Netherlands

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Over de organisatie

“Using everyday life, and relationships as our teachers- as entrances for growth.”

Integrated Tantra is a flourishing organisation with the mission to bring transformative practices from the mat into everyday life. Ready to be real?



Healing Breathwork with live Music

Wat een fijne avond. Goede begeleiding door Helena, fantastische muziek door Ruben. Dankbaarheid alom achteraf ^^

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ALIVE - Tantra weekend retreat

Dit retreat was een waar genot! Ik heb genoten van de passende en zeker ook uitdagende oefeningen. Al vroeg in het retreat heb ik veiligheid ervaren om mijn eigen te kunnen laten gaan.

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Agnes Scwerwacher

Healing Breathwork with live Music

No words They are just really good and getting better every time. I love their energy so much. I feel they walk their talk and the music of Ruben gives it a dimension, which we have to invent a new word for. Maybe vibrant, hits it for now, the best. And Helena…she is just so sweet warm and present. And all the beautiful souls they attract. Beautiful groep, beautiful energy. 🙏 thank you 🙏 thank you 🙏 🙏thank you 🌷

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New Moon Womb Ceremony

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