The Artist's Way: Creative Cluster

Sunday 25 September 2022 om 11:30 tot Sunday 18 December 2022 om 13:30

Marco Pololaan 71, 3526 GA Utrecht, Netherlands

Over dit evenement

What is the Artist’s Way? Who is it for?

Birdcage Radio is facilitating a 12-week course following the guidelines of the revolutionary programme created by Julia Cameron, the author of The Artist’s Way.
The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity (originally titled Healthing the Artist Within) is a 12 week programme for artists, creatives, students, work-professionals, or anyone who wants to tap into more of their creative potential in whatever field they aspire to grow in. Through this course, we will rediscover our and reconnect with our innate creativity, rediscover our passions, and together take the steps we need to transform our lives.

What does it require of me?
To quote from the book:

“It’s a daily commitment of a half hour to an hour. One of the most important things we learn during the twelve weeks is to give up our ideas of perfection and to see a new perspective, to change our focus from product to process.
Participants enter the program with certain unstated expectations and preconceived notions of what will happen and what they will get out of it. And often, just as in a great short story, they are profoundly surprised and thrilled to discover something entirely different. Therefore, to predict what someone will learn from this course would undermine the very principle on which it was built. It is experiential, and the results are something to be discovered, not explained.“

We hope you will show up for most, if not all of the 12 sessions we will do together. But, equally – if not more – importantly, we expect that you will put in the effort that is required to get the most out of this program and commit to a daily regimen of simple but effective exercises, such as free-writing and taking your inner artist out to play. If you do not feel ready to commit to embarking on this journey with us at this time, it might be better to wait until the calling is stronger.
Also, you will need to get your own copy of the book (not included in the price). There are also free pdf-versions available online.

What does it cost?
To participate in the Creative Cluster, we ask a participation fee of €50. If finances are tight, there is a possibility to buy a budget ticket of €25. Or, if you feel abundant and want to support Birdcage in further organizing activities such as these, you can purchase a support ticket for €75.
The fee simply goes cover costs of rent and other necessary expenses that are necessary to keep out community going. None of the coordinators of this course receives any payment for organizing this course.
The vision of the author of this book and course was that Creative Clusters such as these should be free of charge, and be community led. In the author’s own words:
“WHEN THE ARTIST’S WAY WAS first published, I expressed a wish for Artist’s Way groups to spring into being. I envisioned them as peer-run circles —“creative clusters”—where people would serve one another as believing mirrors, uniting with the common aim of creative unblocking. It was my vision that such circles would be free of charge, that anyone could assemble one, using the book as a guide and a text. Many such peer-run circles did form and many more are forming still. Such artist-to-artist, heart-to-heart help and support are the heart of The Artist’s Way.”
We remain true to this intent by adpoting a not-for-profit approach with this course. But, since we do have expenses – primarily rent – we ask a small participation fee (€2–€6 per session) in order to sustain ourselves.

When is it?
Every Sunday starting September 25th until December 18th (13 Sundays).

Sunday 25 September 2022 om 11:30 tot Sunday 18 December 2022 om 13:30

Marco Pololaan 71, 3526 GA Utrecht, Netherlands

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Koop je tickets direct via Hipsy. Na betaling is je deelname definitief en ontvang je je tickets per e-mail.

Over de organisatie

“Birdcage is a creative hub where everyone is welcome to grow and shine.”

We are Birdcage, a creative community based organisation in Utrecht. Our events are focussed on art, music and personal/artistic growth.

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The Artist's Way: Creative Cluster

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