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Flogging 101: Learn to flog with precision, care, and skill

Sunday 23 June 2024 van 14:00 tot 17:30

Dance Space Destiny, Rhoneweg 10, 1043 AH Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over dit evenement

Are you curious about impact play and flogging? Or have you tried it before but want to improve your skills? Or perhaps you’ve done it a bit but want to learn how to conduct a session from beginning to end, expertly lulling your partner into relaxation, ecstasy, and a state of surrender?

If any of the above apply, you’re in the right place! This workshop will guide you through the fundamentals of flogging and help you level up your skills and confidence. We will:

- Start with some exercises to help you land in your body, and then progress to some consent exercises that will help you connect to the group, as well as your own boundaries and desires.

- Go through different types of floggers (size, weight, materials — from leather and suede to silicon and rubber), and explain what effect this has on sensation — as well as the difference in length, number and thickness of the tails. Ramsay from Wild Weirdo Creations will be showing off some of their latest designs.

- Safety: where to hit on the body, which areas are contraindicated

- Negotiation: How to negotiate with your sub/bottom about the kinds of sensations they want to receive and the kind of session they want. We will practice asking for what we want, and explore how pleasure feels in our bodies. We’ll also experiment to find the sweet spot between pain and pleasure.

- Building up skill: how to stand and how to swing. Precision is key! We’ll be focusing on how to achieve accuracy and a good rhythm.

- How to conduct a session, from beginning to end: which floggers and strokes to begin with, how to progress, how to read your partner’s body language

Feel free to come as a couple, a group, or alone. For those who’ve come alone, you’ll have the opportunity to do exercises with different people.

After the workshop is over at 17:30, for those who want to stay, we will have a small potluck (bring your own food, and enough to share if it you feel like it!) and then an open practice session so you can work on your skill a bit more, or ask the facilitators extra questions. This will go on until approximately 19:30.

**Who is it for?**

18+, all genders welcome. We will use gender-neutral language throughout.

**Who will be leading the workshop?**

Madame Markievicz / https://www.instagram.com/madamemarkievicz/ - Sophie (she/her) is fascinated by people and relationships. In the past few years, she’s deepened her experience and understanding of BDSM, tantra, the nervous system, trauma and relational psychology, and is eager to help others find comfort and pleasure in their bodies and in their relationships with others. She's passionate about flogging and is a graduate of the Wheel of Consent Like a Pro course.

Ramsay - https://www.instagram.com/wild_weirdo_creations/ Ramz (they/them) is a queer, non-binary artist and non-sense enthusiast. They are the creator of Wild Weirdo Creations, a brand of impact toys and custom fetish wear proudly crafted from recycled and re-used materials.

Embracing sustainability and consciousness in kink, Wild Weirdo strives to make usable works of art to further the conversation of embodiment through kinky practices. These unique and specialized floggers aim to reflect the personalities and desires of the individuals who play with them.

carson - https://www.instagram.com/_polytical/ carson (they/them) is dedicated to making space to question our systems and trying to build resilience, community care and solidarity into the every day. Growing up in a polyamorous family and eagerly devouring all the critical theory they can get their hands on, their focus is in the unification of the political and the personal work, recognizing one cannot exist without the other. As the old slogan goes, the personal is indeed political - but the political is personal too!


We will run through some consent and negotiation exercises at the beginning of the workshop. There will never be any pressure for you to engage in any activities that you are not comfortable with. You are welcome to attend the workshop and choose to refrain from touching anyone if that is your preference. Additionally, if at any point you feel uncomfortable participating in an exercise, you are free to sit it out. Your comfort and consent are of utmost importance to us.

**What to bring, what to wear**

Bring your own floggers and other impact toys — feel free to bring paddles, whips, crops. No bull whips. Ramsay will be providing some floggers for us to practice with.

No full nudity; underwear will stay on. Note: although we will get sensual, there will be no sexual interactions.

Wear comfortable clothing. It should be relatively loose (so, jeans are not a great idea) but not *too* loose; floggers can get caught in loose or drapey clothing.

Sunday 23 June 2024 van 14:00 tot 17:30

Dance Space Destiny, Rhoneweg 10, 1043 AH Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over de organisatie

Sophie is a pansexual, kinky, bodywork-obsessed writer and researcher. She gives workshops on consent and kink.



Flogging 101: Learn to flog with precision, care, and skill

What a fantastic workshop. Unfortunately I couldn’t give 10 hearts

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Flogging 101: Learn to flog with precision, care, and skill

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