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Emotional Alchemy & Communication Workshop (with Cacao)

Sunday 28 July 2024 van 13:00 tot 17:00

Zensaties, Eerste Laurierdwarsstraat 2, 1016 PV Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were unable to speak up during a difficult conversation?

Had moments where you were not able to embrace your true desires or even have the awareness to understand what they really are?

Do you sometimes feel like you are too much and at the same time not quite enough?

In this workshop, we will explore the conditioning that leads us to suppress our own power as well as how to recognize and dismantle these internalized barriers. Through a combination of theory and practical exercises which we will do together in a small group setting, you will be provided with some practical tools to help reclaim your personal power.

We will touch upon the themes of:

- Self-awareness - Knowing your true desires and embracing them so that your energy is going only to that which you want to create.
- Asserting boundaries - Knowing your desires enables you to set clear boundaries and communicate them effectively.
- The ‘Ask’ - Learning how to ask for what you want assertively and effectively.
- Emotional Alchemy - How to transform your emotions into the energy you need to fuel your desires. What are you fighting for instead of what are you fighting against?
- Understanding power dynamics - How to consciously be in a Dominant or Submissive state of attention (Yin/Yang, Inwardly or outwardly focused) so you can confidently implement this in your everyday interactions and not feel stuck in “freeze” when you come across challenging situations.

At the end of this workshop, you will be armed with some practical tools that can be easily practiced and applied in your everyday life and will allow you to pursue your own path of personal fulfillment with renewed confidence.

During the workshop, we will enjoy some natural, pure Cacao together (this is optional). The qualities of the cacao will help us to increase alertness, focus, enhance feelings of well-being, and create a relaxed and cosy space for us to work in.

This workshop will be conducted in English.

Sunday 28 July 2024 van 13:00 tot 17:00

Zensaties, Eerste Laurierdwarsstraat 2, 1016 PV Amsterdam, Netherlands

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“Knowledge is power!”

ArcanA helps people wake up and stay awake! We organize authentic Tantra Courses, Tantra Massages and do Cacao ceremonies and Healings

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Emotional Alchemy & Communication Workshop (with Cacao)

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