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Yin Yoga meets Bodywork ~Summer edition ~ Fire element

Saturday 13 July 2024 van 15:00 tot 17:15

Concept Yoga, Valeriusstraat 22, 2517 HR Den Haag, Nederland

Over dit evenement

Are you enjoying your yin yoga practice, but your mind still drives you crazy during the longer holds? If you are someone who enjoys physical touch as well, this event might be for you!

During the session, poses are typically held for at least 3 to 5 minutes, making it common for the mind to wander—planning, overthinking, and analyzing. Mindful & conscious touch will support you in remaining connected to your body while holding the pose. The loving presence of someone else and their touch can enhance the embodied experience and help you stay fully present within your body. You may find that when someone holds space for you, it allows you to delve deeper into your experience, enabling you to connect with what needs to be released, felt, seen, and acknowledged within yourself.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the summer season is represented by the Fire element which is related to our ability to feel joy and to move through life with passion and optimism. It gives meaning to our relationships with others and allows us to express ourselves fully. The fire element, unlike the other elements, has four main organs associated with it: the heart, small intestines, pericardium, and triple heater. We will focus on strengthening the energy of those organs that may allow us to travel through life with more compassion, be more comfortable with being vulnerable, allow our authentic selves to show up in the world, and create more depth in our relationships.

What can you expect:
- Embodiment practices before the yin practice (might include movement, self-touch/massage, meditation, yoga nidra, breathing practices, etc)
- Long yin yoga practice with mindful touch
- A lot of personal attention as there is room for a maximum of 8 participants
- Sweet long savasana (final relaxation) to integrate your experience
- Healthy & yummie snacks with tea after the session

About the guides:

Ksenya is a (Yin) Yoga teacher, Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release facilitator, Body-Oriented therapist, and Myofascial Energetic Release practitioner. In her sessions she supports her clients with finding more freedom in their body, getting along with their emotions, feeling more alive and present in their lives, and expressing themself freely. Ksenya will guide the yin practice and support you by offering a mindful touch based on Myofascial energetic release principles.

Kaja is an Embodiment & Human Design intuitive guide. Her mission is to help women make decisions with ease and confidence, feeling authenthic, vital and deeply connected to the wisdom of their body. During the event, Kaja will be guiding the embodiment practices before the yin session and support your practice by offering mindful touch based on Thai Bodywork principles.

Saturday 13 July 2024 van 15:00 tot 17:15

Concept Yoga, Valeriusstraat 22, 2517 HR Den Haag, Nederland

Over de organisatie

Breathwork, Yoga, and Embodiment practices for groups and individuals.

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Yin Yoga meets Bodywork ~Summer edition ~ Fire element

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