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Isis & Osiris Tantric Temple: Sensual Alchemy, Play, & Reclamation

Saturday 15 June 2024 om 18:30 tot Sunday 16 June 2024 om 2:00

Olympic Stadium Amsterdam, Olympisch Stadion 2, 1076 DE Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Open your heart to your depths & make love in that space

* Exact time: 18:30 until 2am
* Exact location: In a private luxurious apartment, given in email once your application has been accepted
* This is a sexual-shamanic event
* This is for all beings over 18, any gender, any sexual identification, for poly beings & monogamous couples.

What is a temple that embraces sacred sexuality?

A temple is connecting to the divine, welcoming all that you are, and immersing yourself in sexual ceremonial practices. Its a spiritually potent space where you use your sexually energy to open the portal to the Goddess. In Ancient societies, tribes would partake in sexual practices within sacred spaces (Temples) in order to connect deeper to divine energy, usually led by a Priest and/or Priestess. Sexual expression was (and still is) a form of prayer to the Goddess and was accepted and considered natural. Today, the sacredness and origin of sex as a channel to connect to divinity, higher states of consciousness, and to the holy mother earth has been forgotten and shamed. Most beings in our modern world are unaware of the spiritual potency sexuality invokes & what it truly means to partake in these practices.

This temple is devoted to the Ancient Egyptian deities of Isis & Osiris, whom in my truth, represent the holy mother Goddess & holy father God. They teach us sacred union in the heart & how to tap into our fullest potential of pleasure once we connect our genitals to our heart consciousness. This is what this specific temple is all about: moving our sexual desires into the heart space & learning to transmute & alchemize to expand our capacity for more pleasure. This will involve specific tantric rituals, breathwork, embodiment, community and a non-judgemental container for authentic expression. Maia is here to offer you that!

What is "Sensual alchemy"?

For the purposes of this temple, sexual energy is the creative life-force energy. When we are in an orgasmic state, we are connected both to the womb consciousness of the holy mother and the penetrative light force of the holy father. When the void meets the purest form of creative potential, life happens. We can use this energy to alchemize whatever resistant energies live inside our hearts to then expand our capacity to experience more pleasure. With this we can connect deeper to ourselves & others.

The opening:
For the introduction, we will drop deep into our bodies and enter the shamanic portal in which we will meet our authentic selves & dance with our own sexual energy.

The Workshops:
2-3 hours of shamanic, tantric, & conscious sexuality practices where you will
1. learn to feel your NO and say it fiercely
2. understand energy & what makes your body contract & expand
3. learning to feel safer in the body
4. saying "fuck no" to being a people pleaser and understanding how to be comfortable in truth
5. learn the tools of sexual reclamation that you will then embody in the ritual

The Ritual: 2 hours
The purpose of this ritual is to allow the divine to guide us in sexual empowerment & embracing our birth-right to receive pleasure. We will begin by delayering shame as we must address our blockages before we invite the magic in. Then, we will indulge in tantric rituals that will allow the Goddess to go deeper in our being.

The practices of the ritual will include:
1. An opening ritual to meet our authentic desires
2. Moving into practices that delayer sexual shame to release sexual blockages
2. Archetypal expression & polarity play
3. introduction to energetic sexual practices (focusing on the heart center penetration)
4. God/Goddess Worshiping
5. and some surprises (;


The open temple: 1.5-2 hours
A free space for you to explore deeper with yourself and/or others without guidance. There will be multiple areas for different forms of expression. Do you wish to dance? Desire a massage or cuddle? Is there someone you have connected with that you would like to explore deeper? Have you always been curious to try something kinky? There are an abundance of possibilities in this space, except physical penetration as that is the boundary for the event.

The closing circle


Snacks & tea will be provided throughout the ceremony. Dinner will not be served, so eat well beforehand.

*What to bring*:
- Towel or sarong
- water Bottle
- Blindfold or something to cover your eyes (it’s important that everyone has one, so bring extras if u have)

- Sensual dish to share
- play tools, like paddles, ropes for the open temple


*Event’s boundaries: SAFETY IS THE MOST IMPORTNAT!*
1. No drugs or alcohol: we want to ensure everyone remains conscious and on the same “frequency” to keep the space safe
2. No judgment: we are not here to shame anyone
3. we welcome your triggers and inner processes, which is why we will have a "time-out" room for you to completely de-brief when needed, as well as a corner space for emotional release.
4. you must apply and go through a screening process before being able to purchase a ticket. If we feel your intentions are in-pure, you will not be accepted. If you are not accepted, we will refund you the ticket NOT including the service costs.
5. NO physical penetration


The facilitator:

Maia, whom is the creator of Goddess Activation, is a shamanic practitioner and her work is focused primarily on sexual energy, embodiment, shadow-work & tantra. She has been holding ceremonies for years & all over the world & is devoted to creating safe containers for people to express their sexuality without shame or judgement. She is both a disciple and the embodiment of the Holy Mother Earth and is here to live out the mission to restore the Goddess energy in our bodies as well as on the planet.

Learn more about her mission at: Goddess-activation.com

*Is this for you?*

If you are looking for a sex party and are not interested in self-development, self-awareness, and self-healing work-- this is NOT for you. If you are just wanting to fuck and "get some" this is NOT for you.

If you want to take ownership of your sexuality, to strip any harmful conditioning around sexuality, to open yourself to divine pleasure, to meet the god/goddess in one another, to use sexual energy for healing, to awaken the goddess in you, to heal shame around sexuality, to love yourself deeper.... this is for you! If you also want to meet others walking a similar path, this is for you!

We are aware that you might be nervous, that’s totally normal. Don’t worry, the facilitators are there to guide & take care of you. This will help you to be more authentic in your truth and understand your desires & boundaries on a deeper level. We will practice communication and this tool will become your new superpower! You will know how to say “NO” and our policy is that no means no.

Also, not only will you be here to play, there is also healing & so much self love that can arise in this space.

There will always be a free facilitator that you can go to at ANY time during the event in case you feel unsafe, nervous, or any emotions.

Commonly Asked questions, visit this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xjmxf3TC2zoAkwcmv_IxGQYZuCdCnh4hytgMtkELA7o/edit?usp=sharing

If you need a 1:1 discussion with me, no problem! Send me an email at e.e.goddessactivation@gmail.com


**we are unable to provide a refund up to 5 days prior to the event**

Saturday 15 June 2024 om 18:30 tot Sunday 16 June 2024 om 2:00

Olympic Stadium Amsterdam, Olympisch Stadion 2, 1076 DE Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over de organisatie

“Unearth your forgotten power. Unleash your wild divinity.”

Maia is a shamanic practitioner who is here to help you remember your authentic self, ground in your truth, and take ownership of your power.



Isis & Osiris Tantric Temple: Sensual Alchemy, Play, & Reclamation

I joined the workshop and ritual part of the temple (not the play temple) and I absolutely loved it. My intentions were to deeply connect to my NO and learn to honor it. Listen to my body and its cues and learn to act on it, because often when my body wasn’t happy with intimacy I’d just freeze up and dissociate. The temple that Maia held felt safe and I felt so held and honored in learning to listen to my truth and act on it with self reverence and confidence. And I came out transformed. Feeling so so so held, safe and cared for. So free to be soft and feminine KNOWING that I am absolutely safe to do so because I am honoring my boundaries. Just being in Maia’s presence is always so potent and ignites a power within me that I used to be completely cut off of, or afraid to feel and step into. But this temple supported me in feeling my power and my boundaries not only within me but also establish them in front of and towards others.

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Isis Tantric Temple: Sacred Sexuality & Energy Orgasms

What a great day/night it was! Maia and Wave were inspiring teachers, creating a pure and safe environment with clear rules around consent. By doing their exercises my (sexual) energy got activated to such an extent that even the next day, the slightest touch or look of my girl had me experience full-body orgams throughout the whole day. Recommended!

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Natascha Frid

Isis Tantric Temple: Sacred Sexuality & Energy Orgasms

So superwell safe, structured, clear! Loved your humble attitude and openness. As well as really wanting to bring this into the world- giving the good example by sharing your beautiful house and affordable price. I still process my experiences. As said by you: a little less doing/ hearing could give an even more integrative proces. And a few persons less ( which would give enough food/ tea as well ;-)) A very big thank U Maia and Wave

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Isis & Osiris Tantric Temple: Sensual Alchemy, Play, & Reclamation

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