A Goddess Adventure Ibiza (english version)

Saturday 01 October 2022 om 16:00 tot Friday 07 October 2022 om 18:00

Diseminado P13, 129 Sta Eulalia 07840, Isles Balears, Spain

Over dit evenement

A Goddess Adventure
Retreat Ibiza.
Do you feel like taking the time to come to yourself with a group of like minded women? Ever felt the call of the Magic Island of Ibiza and its laid-back vibe? Are you coming? With this retreat we will not only enjoy everything the island has to offer, with this adventure we will discover its magic and also our own.
And from us together. Because nothing is more healing than to experience that, when women connect with each other, so much power and life energy starts to flow.

Some say Ibiza is built on Rose Quartz. The island has a special vibe that gives your life a healing turn and positive flow. You can only experience this by being there.
Together with like-minded women we embark on a divine adventure. After this week you will feel charged, fulfilled and connected to your true self. Close to your purity and essence: The Goddess you really are.

Blockages are resolved and deep healing received. Your transformation to inner strength and happiness is fueled. Your feminine energy is flowing. And all while we as sisters have a lot of fun.

What can you expect?
1. A silent pilgrimage to the ancient temple cave of the goddess Tanith followed by voice expression in the ancient temple cave.
2. Land in the here and now We cleanse ourselves with clay masks from the rock face on a special beach. Here we make our own goddess statue.
3. Break through your blockages with breathwork at a secret location, a cave overlooking the magical island of Es Vedera.
4. Discover in a gentle way what tantra can offer. Sensuality and self-love bring us back to our goddess power.
5. Heerluck organic food and a good bed in an atmospheric Ibiza Finca.

Freedom to share and experience.

We are sisters, we make this retreat a success through everyone's unique input.
- Campfire stories, goddess readings, creativity
- yoga, music, song and dance.
- Picnic and campfire.
- Womb healing, flower blessing, meditation.
- Visit authentic Hippie Market Las Dalias.
- Goddess photo shoot.
- The best lounge bars, the most beautiful nature and places that only the locals know.
- Free time, Room for your input and co-creation.

You do not necessarily need experience for this retreat. Let yourself be immersed and carried away because everything is already there.

Nurturing your personal development together with like-minded women while enjoying the sun and the Ibiza vibe. 7 days of connection and fun during a divine holiday.

Because a safe space is our priority, this retreat is guided by experienced coaches.
Rebecca Hummingbird; breathwork coach
Buzz Lampbert; tantra trainer and coach
Miranda Tamminga; female empowerment coach

- sleeping place (possibly shared)
- 3 meals a day, fruit, (coffee) and tea
- 7 day program (all of the above) and guidance (Including sensuality and self-love 3x, breathwork 3x)

- 1x dinner.
- own expenses, souvenir, terrace.
- flight ticket (between 150 and 250 euros return).

This retreat is more than an investment in yourself it's a treat.
Secure your place by clicking the ticket link. When the order has been placed, you will receive a letter in your mailbox with the complete program, all the ins and outs and our telephone number for any questions.
There is room for a maximum of 13 women. Secure your spot by making the first deposit.

Dates: 1 to 7 October.
To ask? Call Miranda immediately: 06-28686595

Location: Casa Solara, Ibiza

Reserveer je spots!

Koop je tickets direct via Hipsy. Na betaling is je deelname definitief en ontvang je je tickets per e-mail.

Over de organisatie

“Tijd voor mezelf, niets moet, alles mag, Een warm bad, een helende ervaring.”

Wilde Wiven organiseren ontmoeting en verbinding volgens Sisterhood. Een traan een lach, speelsheid en sensualiteit brengt ons tot Oervrouwenkracht.

1. Choose your tickets
A Goddess Adventure Retreat

Includes: - comfy bed in a pleasant villa (possibly shared) - 3 meals a day, fruit, (coffee) and tea - weekly program of workshops and coaching.

€ 1.110,00
Including service fee
Not available
A Goddess Adventure for Residents Ibiza

Includes: - 3 meals a day, fruit, (coffee) and tea - weekly program of workshops and coaching.

€ 609,00
Including service fee
Transaction costs :
€ 0,00
€ 0,00
A Goddess Adventure Ibiza (english version)

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