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Mayan New Year - a day of silence (Lake Maarsseveen & Online)

Friday 26 July 2024 van 8:00 tot 17:30

Neptunus Well-being, Westbroekse Binnenweg 56A, 3612 AJ Tienhoven, Nederland

Over dit evenement

According to the Mayan calendar, July 25th was their leap day, The Day Out of Time. It is the last day of the Mayan calendar, the eve of the Mayan New Year, which begins on July 26th. Therefore, for the Mayans, both days were used for sacred reflection, letting go of the past, and celebrating change. The Mayans celebrated freedom, including freedom from ideas of time, through attunement and sharing of intentions.

What will we do?
We will create time and space to relax, to go into silence together. We will open our senses, by feeling the wind blowing over the lake, hear the movement of the tree branches moving, looking at the waves on the lake. We will meditate together, we will share our feelings, reflections and intentions. We will use our breath, movement, mindfulness and stillness to accept and appreciate what comes in life.

You can join one or two days or part of the day. This is a small scale donation-based mixed event, so everybody is welcome, all genders and orientations. You can arrive at 8:00 h (for the early birds) at 9:30 h for coffee / tea, or at 12:30 h. There will be four meditations during the day. Between them, you can read something, make a walk, cuddle or just relax. On Thursday evening you can join the Pyjama party (cuddle workshop) that takes place at the same location. Optional overnight on Thursday night is possible for a limited amount of guests.

For whom?
Everybody is welcome. We are open towards all genders (including non-binary or transgenders) and all orientations. Some experience with meditation and yoga is welcome but not necessary. The meeting will be spoken in both Dutch and English.

If you cannot join on the spot, you can also join online. Just send me a message and you will get the Zoom link for the live meditations.

The meditations are guided by Tijs Breuer, who has been practicing mindfulness and different forms of meditations since he was 15 years old.

Program on Saturday
8:00 h Walking meditation (for early birds).
The practice of mindful walking is developed by Thich Nhat Hanh. It's a profound and pleasurable way to deepen our connection with our body and the earth. The earth is sacred and we touch her with each step.We breathe, take a mindful step, and come back to our true home.

9:30 h Arrival / tea / coffee

10:00 h Silence meditation
The nature of your mind is to produce thought. Like the ocean, it has its own rhythm and flow. It should be respected, not feared or fought against. Once you stop fighting against your thoughts and allow it to flow naturally, you can begin to retreat into the depths of your inner self beyond the chaos and distractions.

12:30 h Lunch (a salad is served, feel free to bring food to share).

13:00 h Breathing meditation
Connecting to your breath can damp down stress and open a door to a more healthy and mindful lifestyle. One of the easiest ways to reduce stress is to simply focus your attention on your breath. You'll notice an immediate sense of relaxation that could help protect your health over time. There are many forms of breathing meditation where you consciously change the rhythm, speed or depth of your breath.

15:30 h Tea

16:00 h Movement meditation
Sitting still is quite difficult for most people because we are used to being exposed to stimuli all day long, while your body needs exercise. Movement meditation ensures that you quickly find your peace and go back with your attention. You make an inner journey through an alternation of intensive and subtle movement. By focusing attention on your body, you experience what is going on inside you.

17:00 h Sharing and closing circle (you can share how you are feeling).

17:30 h End

On the day before, 25-07-2024, you can also join the Silent Day or you can arrive in the evening for the shared potluck dinner and /or the Selftouch / Self-massage workshop in the evening. Staying over (the night before the Silent Mini-retreat) is possible, but there is limited space.

At Tijs Breuer's home.
Address: Chalet 69;
Westbroekse Binnenweg 56a;
3612 AJ Tienhoven (Ut)
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/GAyuvXkU63VsZwqLA

The silence days are donation based, so a voluntary contribution (i.e. €€40-€50 for the whole day) is appreciated.
Questions? Call or text Tijs Breuer, +31626174884

Friday 26 July 2024 van 8:00 tot 17:30

Neptunus Well-being, Westbroekse Binnenweg 56A, 3612 AJ Tienhoven, Nederland

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Over de organisatie

“Genieten mag!”

Je lichaam, je gevoelens en je gedachten zijn onlosmakelijk met elkaar verbonden. Vind op jouw manier meer harmonie in je leven met lichaamswerk.


Thirza Kramer

Crazy Cozy Cuddle Pyjama Party in Amsterdam

Such a wonderful, cozy, nourishing cuddle party. The exercises we did were truly perfect to instantly create a comfortable atmosphere, even with people I had never met before. I will definitely go again in the future ✨

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Brynn Smeehuijzen

Crazy Cozy Cuddle Pyjama Party in Amsterdam

Very safe and comfortable. It builds up slowly, but can get quite intense. Stepping out and taking a moment to yourself was allowed and encouraged when needed with a dedicated "introvert corner" and outside space. The instructor is very caring and nurturing, and very dedicated to making sure everybody is comfortable within the exercises. Definitely recommend this!

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Mayan New Year - a day of silence (Lake Maarsseveen & Online)

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