Sound Healing, Sauna, and Goddess Activation Dance Retreat

Saturday 01 October 2022 van 17:00 tot 21:00

Reloadclub, Halmaheirastraat 28, 1094 RL Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over dit evenement

In collaboration with Sound Healing with Domi, come gather with sisters for this evening retreat at the Reload Club in east Amsterdam, to connect with our womb and anchor our divine femininity. We will be guided through a sound healing journey, we will dance and sing, and we will gather in a sauna for sacred rituals to bring us back to our goddess essence.

The location:
This space is a women's only spa, yoga, and conscious retreat center. We have rented out the entire bathhouse, which includes a sauna, steam room, and two baths, so we will have it all for ourselves! The first part of the ceremony will take place in the yoga room (3 hours), with the last hour spent in the bathhouse.

Itinerary: 4 hour retreat
- arrive 15 minutes early (4:45pm)
- Ceremony begins at 5pm
- Ceremony opening with guided meditation, chanting, calling in the goddess, etc.
- Goddess Activation Dance hosted by Emily
- Sound healing hosted by Domi
- Ritual & Sharing Circle
- Sauna and bathhouse experience with a surprise ritual

The hosts:
Domi is a certified sound practitioner and with her instruments she holds space for you to journey deep within. During the retreat Domi will play various singing bowls and other instruments whose frequencies will softly guide you to connect with your divine feminine self, your womb and heart space. While you surrender to the vibrations of sound and embody your Goddess energy you make space and allow for the feminine to flow through you bringing healing to all areas of your soul, mind and body. In this space you are welcomed and supported with unconditional love to surrender to the experience that your higher self, the divine within you wants you to go through in that moment.

Emily channels goddess energy to create and guide you through a journey that will help you explore the language of your body, to release non-serving energy, and to reprogramme our belief systems around the sacred feminine. Inspired by many dance styles (belly, lyrical, jazz, strip, etc.) and with shamanic, high priestess, and witchcraft training, this “full on” and “raw” dance class will teach you movements with a conscious approach. From exotic to sensual, sexy to soft, we explore and unleash the different aspects of the feminine without shame nor judgment. Emily also holds sacred goddess circles and gatherings and provides a safe space for women to share, be vulnerable, to get support, and to open their hearts to the goddess within and around.

Other details:
*please arrive 15 minutes prior to get settled as ceremony begins right at 5pm*

What to wear: Wear something that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable, that you can move, sit, and lay in. Feel free to express yourself however you wish in this goddess gathering.

What to bring: Bring a bath towel, journal, and anything you need for the bathhouse. We will be naked, but if you are uncomfortable, you are welcome to wear a swimsuit.

We will include snacks but not a dinner, so eat well beforehand

This event is women only

Refund Policy: We are unable to refund up to 5 days prior to the event, unless we are able to resell your ticket. Feel free to resell it yourself!
Please email us at if you need to refund your ticket

Saturday 01 October 2022 van 17:00 tot 21:00

Reloadclub, Halmaheirastraat 28, 1094 RL Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Over de organisatie

Emily channels Goddess energy and holds dance classes, workshops, circles, ceremonies, and gatherings

Goddess Activation

In samenwerking met

Sound Healing with Domi


Laura P

Sound Healing, Sauna, and Goddess Activation Dance Retreat

Thank you so much! It was really amazing 💖

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Melissa B

Goddess Circle with Cacao Ceremony

Het was een hele fijne ceremonie en ervaring, met fantastische begeleiding en een veilige groep

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Shyrine W

Goddess Activation Dance

The Goddess Activation Dance works like magic. During the class my whole state of being changed and I realized that this was what my soul was longing for. Emily guides you through various movements which makes you feel like a sensual goddess that deserves to be worshipped. You can see that she has done the work. After one hour I felt more liberated and powerful. Do you want to let go and embody your highest self? Emily provides a safe & sacred space to experience just that.

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Sound Healing, Sauna, and Goddess Activation Dance Retreat

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