PLANT YOUR SEEDS! Free Embodiment Workshop

Thursday 01 September 2022 van 20:00 tot 21:30


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Do you want to live intuitively, and more connected to your authentic movements in life?
This free embodiment Workhop 'Plant your Seeds' is for those who want to take the next step in embodying their core self and to open up to new goals.

Helena is a facilitator of conscious spaces and will take you on a 1.5h journey to ground, move (on your mat), breathe, and visualize what is in store for you in the next months.

You will receive a mail with the zoomlink on 30st of August.

This free session is part of her bigger empowering groupcoaching 'Embodiment Coaching' that starts 6th of September. (

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Over de organisatie

“Using everyday life, and relationships as our teachers- as entrances for growth.”

Integrated Tantra is a flourishing organisation with the mission to bring transformative practices from the mat into everyday life. Ready to be real?

Integrated Tantra


Juliet K

Womb Ceremony

Thank you thank you Helena! It felt so good to be guided by you. Your being, your voice; it made me feel so safe in my body. It felt like a dance with my awkwardness in a really good way. I feel like I gave birth to a new life in me.

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Plant your seeds!

Free online workshop 1st of September

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PLANT YOUR SEEDS! Free Embodiment Workshop

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