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Temple of Life: a community journey to embody your shadow & sensuality

Wednesday 09 October 2024 om 19:00 tot Wednesday 27 November 2024 om 20:30

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over dit evenement

Welcome be_LOVE_d to the Temple of Life,
A community journey to embody your shadow and sensuality

“When it comes to meeting someone in any kind of relationship, I feel much more present.
I can stay with the presence in myself instead of experiencing myself through my opposite. I feel so much more safe and proud to say I am done with people pleasing and eventually can be myself..” Rani, participant of the 1st round of the Temple of Life

We invite you to come and dive with us deep into the way you relate, to yourself and those around you in this 3 temple days in 3 months journey.
Each temple is designed to be a mirror into how you relate to different aspects of your Self and consequently to others.

“This journey reunited a lot of different parts inside of me, and allowed for that expansion that is not just light, but it's just a union of all different aspects.
The most beautiful thing is the trust that was built, and that made me recognize that I can just let go.” Gaia, participant of the 1st round of the Temple of Life

Our intention is to facilitate personal growth so you can have the relationship(s) that you long for and deeply anchor in safety, presence and love.


- Insights into your dynamics in relationships
- Tools to break those limiting or toxic patterns so you can have the relationship(s) you desire
- Deep self-knowlegde around your desires and boundaries
- Deep anchoring in radical acceptance of who you are
- Owning your worth in relationships - bye bye co-dependence
- A supportive community of like minded beings on a similar path

***This is for you to
- learn more about yourself and the way how you relate
- deepen in self-love and own your worth
- transform shame and limiting beliefs around your sex appeal and your sexuality
- own your desires and know and express your boundaries

***This is not for you, if you:
- are looking for a relationship and prioritise this over the relationship to yourself
- don’t want to do the work and are just looking for another peak experience
- are seeking a quicky or any other sexual lust fulfillments

This journey includes
- 3 in person Temple days (each from 14:30-22:30 in and around Amsterdam)
- 4 online group calls (each on Zoom at 7:00-8:15 pm CET)
- 2 pre-recorded self-pleasure practices
- Buddy support system for sharing the journey

F A Q ' S
- What if I don’t want touch? 🚫
What an amazing opportunity to practice being real with what you do and don’t want! Especially if you have experienced unwanted touch you might be tense about connecting to others in a (potentially) sensual space. When in actuality this might be the exact medicine your nervous system needs: An experience of you not abandoning yourself for the sake of “not offending others”. An experience of being safe under the care of yourself. An experience of beings supported and even CELEBRATED in your “no”. There are always opportunities to have time and space for yourself. And you might find that when your no is welcomed, you can get creative with what IS possible and within your boundaries.
- What if I dont want to do X in the moment❓
Your boundaries are sacred. During each exercise and from moment to moment we will honor and celebrate you if you opt out or create an altered exercise that suits you. In fact this is part of the practice of empowerment! Break the narrative of “I have to do x because the facilitator said so”

Oct 9th, 19:00-20.15- CONNECTION CALL ONLINE (mandatory)
Intention Setting, Creating Group Safety

Oct 12th, 14:30-22:30 - TEMPLE of EROTIC INNOCENCE*
Location: Yurtlife, Zandaam
1st Stage feminine & masculine embodiment: Erotic Innocence, Connection to Desire, Self-Pleasure

Oct 23rd, 19:00-20.15 - INTEGRATION CALL ONLINE

Nov 2nd, 14:30-22:30 - TEMPLE OF FIRE
2nd Stage feminine & masculine embodiment: Expression, Boundaries, Power Dynamics
Location: The healing studio, Amsterdam

Nov 19th, 19:00-20.15 - INTEGRATION CALL ONLINE

Location: Yurtlife, Zandaam
3rd Stage feminine & masculine embodiment: Transcending Duality, Ritual and Sacredness in the bedroom

Nov 27th, 19:00-20:30 - CLOSING CALL ONLINE

* Included veg. dinner, hot tub, sauna at first and last temple

490€ Tier 1 First 4 participants
550€Tier 2 next 4 participants
620€ Tier 3 all other participants

Including food and workshops

This is a non-refundable ticket.

ARIANE is an international educator, facilitator, coach & practitioner in the field of intimacy and erotic leadership. In her teachings she combines the Western world of positive psychology and trauma awareness together with Eastern traditions of Tantra and Yoga. She is co-founder of BliXX, an international brand that hosts transformational conscious kInk retreats around Europe. And doula of orgasm!c leaders, where she supports ambitious women to lead from head, heart and womb to move from pressure to pleasure in work and life.

ARIANA is a tantrika & sensuality coach working with eros to create both transformational healing and deep-felt pleasure. While studying dance in 2016 she immersed herself into tantra, and bio-dynamic therapy. And has been fascinated by healing modalities ever since. Ariana is the creatress of SoulSeductress and Conscious Lapdance, she leads online selfpleasure & selfdevelopment journeys, and facilitates 1-on-1 containers for embodied healing.

Wednesday 09 October 2024 om 19:00 tot Wednesday 27 November 2024 om 20:30

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Over de organisatie

Deep transformational temple journeys for your personal growth

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Ariane Lalakea

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Temple of Life: a community journey to embody your shadow & sensuality

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