Triple M & Psyched presents: vibe tribe gathering

Vrijdag 12 augustus 2022 om 18:00 tot zondag 14 augustus 2022 om 14:00

Borgharen, 6223 Maastricht, Nederland

Over dit evenement

Ecstatic dance - Yoga - Cacao ceremony - Hoop dance - campfire - workshops - Tarot reading - Massages - Food - and much more!

Grab your tents and sleeping bags and join us for an unforgetable weekend full of wonderfull experiences! You are welcome to set up your tent on Friday evening after which we will start with the first activities. Sunday noon we will return home again and leave our magical space. It's import that you are able to join the entire weekend. The setting will be small and intimate (about 30 people) so we like to create this experience together as a group. Breakfast and a nice dinner will be included. We would only like to ask you to bring some food for a potluck lunch on Saturday. All food will be vegan, in case you have any other dietary restrainsts please let us know. We would like to keep the detailed program as secret as possible in order to allow yourself to be suprised, but you can always send us a message in case you would like to see the schedule. There is also space for you to add something yourself in the form of a workshop, musical performance or any other kind of creative expression.

Buy your tickets via this link or send a message to for more information. Please be reminded this is a really cheap ticket price and an extra cash donation to support us is always welcome! The exact location will be provided after buying your ticket. Also in case of bad weather the event will be cancelled and you will receive a full refund.

A few groundrules for our event:
- Preferably no alcohol or drugs, this weekend we like to go for a natural high!
- Respect is key. We create a safe space for everyone to fully express themselves and feel free. This whoever doesnt mean crossing other peoples boundaries/personal space.
- Any form of harrasement will result in being removed from the proprety instantly.
- The event will be fully in English.
- Respect the space. Don't leave any mess and bring as little waste as possible.
- If possible come by bike or ask someone to drop you of at the location since parking spaces for cars are very limited.

Vrijdag 12 augustus 2022 om 18:00 tot zondag 14 augustus 2022 om 14:00

Borgharen, 6223 Maastricht, Nederland

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Over de organisatie

Creating spaces of freedom, expression and exploration through a large range of events like ecstatic dance, retreats, meditation and all sorts of workshops! Please let us know when there is anything you would like to share with the world! We value the power of community, connection and openness and welcome anyone who likes to join our events! Our core value is respect, for ourselves, eachother and the world we inhabit.

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Triple M & Psyched presents: vibe tribe gathering

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