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Quantum Empowering Experience

Sunday 19 November 2023 van 14:00 tot 16:00

Theaterplatform PickUp, NDSM-Plein 79, 1033 WC Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over dit evenement

This transformative ± 2 hour art experience is created through a mindfully curated blend of mesmerising visuals, sound, and thought-provoking storytelling by the artist and guide Viktoria Kova.
By combining the latest technology, scientific data, and artistic expression, she creates a deeply immersive multisensory art experience called LAND of GOOD, that pushes the boundaries of perception, meditation and healing.

LAND of GOOD is largely inspired by Viktoria's own experience of transformation and self-healing from an autoimmune disease (MS), burn-out and a (logo)neurotic condition (stuttering) in 2021.
As a positive side effect of the transformation, Viktoria was able to optimise her body weight by losing 8 kg and improve her health markers by rejuvenating her biological age by 8 years, compared to chronological age.

LAND of GOOD is a safe space—an “island” of positive feel-good vibrations—that offers an escape from the stressful chaos of everyday life and empowers individuals to tap into their inner potential of transformation and positive change in their lives.

The Experience facilitates to:
- calm the thinking mind,
- activate yin energy flow,
- experience different depths and various techniques of meditation without years of practise, which is called "quantum" because of its immediate effect,
- experience a deeper connection with oneself.

PROGRAM (easy English-spoken):
14.00 - 14.15 – gathering at the big blue door at NDSM-werf entrance (where art exhibition space is).
14.15 - start of the program (there is no possibility to enter the room late)
+/- 16.00 - end of the program.

Recommended: comfortable, stretchy clothes, bring some layers/blanket (if cold weather).
You will be sited on a comfortable “air chair”.

ABOUT Viktoria Kova:
Viktoria Kova has her professional background in music and cultures studies, pedagogy, and psychology.
She aims to create art that resonates with viewers and evokes a sense of inner peace and high positive vibrations. Through her artworks and projects, Kova seeks to inspire others to find their own balance and embrace the beauty of harmony in all aspects of their lives.
Kova’s artistic approach combines both the ancient wisdom of the intuitive feminine principle and modern scientific understanding, creating a unique blend of spirituality and rationality. By exploring the connection between our senses and our perception of reality, she aims to awaken a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Through her art, Kova invites viewers to tap into their intuitive nature and embrace the power of sensory experiences for personal growth and self-awareness.

Waiting list: studio@landofgood.art

More info and video promo: www.landofgood.art
Instagram: Viktoria_Kova_LANDofGOOD https://www.instagram.com/viktoria_kova_landofgood/

Sunday 19 November 2023 van 14:00 tot 16:00

Theaterplatform PickUp, NDSM-Plein 79, 1033 WC Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over de organisatie

“You are a massive creative force of the universe. I invite u to experience it.”

ART Experiences & Meditations by artist & guide Viktoria Kova to heal, rejuvenate and expand consciousness. www.landofgood.art


Charlotte Ter Horst

Transformative Art Experience | Quantum Meditation

I loved the experience. It was an unexpected and really lovely journey. It may have even lasted a little longer, because when coming out of the meditation, I felt like it was almost a bit too soon. The interacting, giving feedback. I would not have minded to stay in this dreamy state a little longer. Overall it was a wonderful experience that I would surely recommend!

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Quantum Empowering Experience

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