Ecstatica - Moving into your nature

Vrijdag 12 augustus 2022 om 19:00 tot zondag 14 augustus 2022 om 14:00

Avani, Het Hoog 3, 5268 LL Helvoirt, Netherlands

Over dit evenement

ECSTATICA- moving into your nature

ECSTATICA is a summer weekend retreat designed for you to connect with yourself through dancing, moving, community vibes, singing, exploring the forest and sharing good food.
All of it hosted in the gorgeous AVANI RETREAT CENTER.

---- F R I D A Y---
Evening Full Moon fire ceremony singing, playing and creating a safe space.
The smell of fire cooked food will bring the community together in the heart of nature.
--- S A T U R D A Y---
DJ Sefrijn will guide you into shaking your booty so you can dance like no one is watching.
Let go & surrender your mind and body into ecstatic dancing.
Before and in between dancing sessions you’ll have time to follow well-being classes, or to connect with nature.
--- S U N D A Y---
We will enjoy breakfast together, share experiences and you will return home with a feeling of deep freedom, bliss and ecstatic.

The event price includes access to the event, and 5 meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can choose from vegan or vegetarian.

We have 30 places for inside accommodation from private rooms to dorms and yurts.
Tents are welcome and there is a limited amount of camper van spots.

Check out our beautiful accommodation here:
Follow our IG page @ecstaticaretreat
What is ecstatic dance?

 -No talking

-No shoes

- No drugs

Ecstatic dance is celebrating life!
We dance, shout, and let it all out!
All ecstatic dance sessions start with a mindful intro to connect with your body and let go of restrictions & judgements.
We stop talking and start moving guided by a DJ on different rhythms, vibes and colours of music.
For 2 hours we dance, flow, grove, move bear feet and allow our body to express itself freely.
Movement, noise, shouting, clapping, crawling or stillness.
All is welcomed.
As we create this intimate & safe container of self expression it is important to respect and be sensible to people around you
You''ll experience the group"s energy moving organically in different shapes & rhythms.
In this process you can experience a diversity of emotions from ecstatic joy, to stress release, uneasiness or a state of trance.
At the end of the dance session you can feel very inspired, full of energy, blissed out or very quiet & serene.
Whatever comes up just welcome it and connect to yourself, to your nature.
Refund policy:

We hope of course you can join us for this lovely event. If you are not able to join, we suggest you try to sell your ticket. If this doesn’t work out, contact us, maybe we can find somebody together. Otherwise, these are the following deadlines for refund.

Between May 1st - June 1st:

100% refund

From June 1st - July 1st:

50% refund

From July 1st:

No refund is possible due to the nearing event date. In this case, your only possible solution would be to sell your ticket.

Refund policy Covid:

If you get infected with Covid or you have symptoms we ask you to get a GGD test and send us the result if it turns out positive. In this case, you will get a 100% refund.

Vrijdag 12 augustus 2022 om 19:00 tot zondag 14 augustus 2022 om 14:00

Avani, Het Hoog 3, 5268 LL Helvoirt, Netherlands

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Koop je tickets direct via Hipsy. Na betaling is je deelname definitief en ontvang je je tickets per e-mail.

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Ecstatica - Moving into your nature

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Early birdy

Reduced tickets for the early Birdies!

€ 167,55
Inclusief € 0,55 servicekosten
Niet beschikbaar
Regular birdy

Regular price tickets, are available until the event.

€ 207,55
Inclusief € 0,55 servicekosten
Private room 1 or 2 people

Stay 2 nights, for €60,- the night, alone or together in a private room located in the main building. It gives you the possibility to retreat whenever you want.

€ 120,55
Inclusief € 0,55 servicekosten
Dorm bed

For €25,- the night, you can stay in one of these two rooms located in the main building. They give space for 6 people per room. It gives you the possibility to have your own nest inside the building.

€ 50,55
Inclusief € 0,55 servicekosten
Yurt/Lodge bed

Outside the main building, 1 min walking distance, there is a Yurt and a Lodge. It gives space for 7 people per space. For €15,- the night, gives you a wonderful opportunity to have a night of sleep outside, but still with the comfort of a roof above your head. *Needed is to bring your own sleeping bag/sheets and pillow.

€ 30,55
Inclusief € 0,55 servicekosten
Camper spot

If you have a camper and would like to spend the weekend in it, then you can buy your spot here for €7,50 the night! There are 10 spots. This offers a basic place to park your camper. So no elecktricity or water.

€ 15,55
Inclusief € 0,55 servicekosten
Tent spot

Bring your own tent and find a lovely spot on the ground of Avani for €5,- the night!

€ 10,55
Inclusief € 0,55 servicekosten
Transactiekosten :
€ 0,00
€ 0,00
Ecstatica - Moving into your nature

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