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Introduction to the art of Touch & Thai Massage Weekend

Saturday 16 December 2023 om 11:00 tot Sunday 17 December 2023 om 16:00

Surinameplein 35, 1058 GM Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Want to spend a weekend that feels like a week long vacation in a beautiful urban sanctuary, surrounded by a community of joyful people, and dive into the waters of loving touch? We will indulge in hedonistic a weekend of playfulness, laughter, connection and learn how to effortlessly massage through the use of your own body weight and this beautiful dance.

Thai Massage combines flowing sequences and focused acupressure techniques to create a unique healing therapy. This form of bodywork uses sequences of soft tissue pressing, stretching and movement to strengthen joints, improve flexibility and maintain posture. Sustained acupressure with palms, thumbs, elbows and feet is used to help remove blockages and free the tension inside knotted muscles. Thai massage is incredible because we use our body weight to effortlessly sink into another body rather that exhausting and straining ourselves.

In this workshop we will take a dive into the universe of loving touch and Thai massage - a practice where by connecting to unconditional love we can nourish another body from our hearts, through presence, prayer and this beautiful cosmic dance. We will spend the weekend nourishing each other through this ancient healing practice.

We will be practicing in pairs, so expect to give and receive throughout - one of the best parts of massage workshops(: You will spend about half the time giving, and half receiving! You are welcome to invite a partner to practice with, but it is not necessary.

No prior experience is required, this is open to lovers of touch, those who wish to deepen their ability to touch mindfully, doulas and other caregivers, manual therapists, and anyone curious!

This isn’t a massage course only for those who are or strive to become masseuses.. it has been created through the vision that someday we will all know how to support each other through bodywork and can massage and be massaged by our community, our family, our lovers..

Come join the movement towards a world filled with more loving touch πŸ’—

Day 1 (Saturday) 11-16:00
- Short partner yoga session to get into the body
- An introduction to the history of this ancient buddhist practice
- Principles of Thai massage & the art of touch
- Invitation to savasana (a simple introduction sequence)

Day 2 (Sunday) 11-16:00
- A full body 1-2h sequence that incorporates static and dynamic techniques mobilizing and nourishing the feet, legs, hips, spine, shoulders and neck.

- Arrive at 10:45 to have time to setup
- Shower in the morning and wear comfy/stretchy clothes (thai massage is done fully dressed)
- Coffee/Tea and snacks will be provided

- A notebook & pen
- A yoga mat or two if you have
- Snacks for throughout the day and a vegetarian potluck dish to share during our lunchtime rooftop picnic

**This workshop is not suitable for people who currently suffer from acute/serioius injuries

Saturday 16 December 2023 om 11:00 tot Sunday 17 December 2023 om 16:00

Surinameplein 35, 1058 GM Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Over de organisatie

The House of Maitri sessions are classes/workshops and circles orientated to nourishing all layers of the being.


Luc Van Ewijk

Introduction to the art of Touch & Thai Massage Weekend

Een geweldige ervaring. Kan een stuk beter ontvangen nu. En kan makkelijker contact maken. Is een levensverandering zeker als je dit meer doet heerlijk.

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Marianka Zlatkovic

Womens circle ~ Boundaries

A warm bath as always. I felt so held and loved and seen. A wonderful group of women & a great topic to discuss. Thank you Dunja & Lara! 🧑

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Introduction to the art of Touch & Thai Massage Weekend

With the Loving Touch Movement, Dunja aims to bring touch in our daily lives. The Thai massage workshops are a life changer for me. She is providing us with empowering tools to use for our own well-being and healing or to share with those close to us, friends and family. During the workshop, Dunja creates a safe and caring environment, a space to learn, accessible to all.

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Introduction to the art of Touch & Thai Massage Weekend

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